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 In Cold Waters

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PostSubject: Re: In Cold Waters    Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:38 pm

Smirking once the sound of the door shutting echoed up to him, The Doctor glanced down at the ground of his control room. The moaning and all too familiar sound of the time rotor becoming the prominent sound of the control room as it has always been, especially after people have left. But this time there was a different aura about The Doctor, this time happiness of the past, of his memories with Toni and now Loren. The unlikeliest of companions, actually turning out to be some of the most memorable. Past the hard times they both gave him, in the end, they gave him happiness and a feeling of accomplishment rather than remorse or sorrow like the majority of the others did.

Slowly walking over to the side of the control console, The Doctor nonchalantly pulled over the scanner then peered up at the time rotor, the smirk growing wider into an eventual smile as he glanced back down to the main lever. "Allons-y" He said lightly, almost in a whispering tone before yanking it down then watching the time rotor move up, then down as the TARDIS spiraled through the time vortex, through time and off to another adventure. An adventure yet to be told....


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In Cold Waters
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