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 Rose Bud Blooms.

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Rose Bud Blooms. Empty
PostSubject: Rose Bud Blooms.   Rose Bud Blooms. I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2015 5:17 pm

Eris tracked down a dirt path, one foot in front of another, humming a calming tune. She looked around at the trees surrounding her, sketching on a piece of paper on a clipboard. She was in a park, and it was a gorgeous one. They let people camp, and draw, it was wonderful. Eris began setting up her tent, which was rather big, and comfortable. She lugged her backpack to the ground, securing it to her tent, before entering. She laid down, staring at the stars through the clear top in her tent. She wasn't particularly tired, but she had a big day ahead of her tomorrow. She was hiking to the bed on the top of a cliff which has a vast amount of roses.

"That'll give me some inspiration. If it doesn't, there's something wrong with me.

She couldn't sleep, so she got out her laptop and decided to do the one thing she wanted to do right then.

She opened Crossy Road, and proceeded to play. She got bored quickly though, so she locked her tent, threw on a tattered hoodie, and proceeded to stroll through the woods. The cricket's song echoed in her mind, and the shimmering stars above soothed her, like a tight hug from a motherly figure.

Eris smiled, looking up at the sky kicking a rock in front of her, until she heard a loud,


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Rose Bud Blooms.
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