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 Illari/Ildar (Wip)

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PostSubject: Illari/Ildar (Wip)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:26 am

Name: Illari/ Ildar


non-gendered (before puberty)
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*Change from photo. Jirala form do in fact have mouths

Female (sexually mature)
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Male (sexually mature)
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*Change from picture. Ildar have tentacle just like the other forms. The bone ridge also goes higher allowing for eyes. These eyes are mostly vestigial, but come in handy when they raid the Illari cities.

Attitude: Illari/Ildar culture is complicated. Because of extreme sexual dimorphism within the species males and females live apart. The children (Jirala) remain with the females until they reach the point of sexual maturity. At that point the Ildar are sent to the depths to live with their fellow Ildar, while the females remain living with the Illari. There are times when a Jirala will never reach sexual maturity and will never change into an Illari or an Ildar. In this case they remain with the Illari as their bodies are unable to take the pressure of the depths and their nature is too mild.

Illari Culture
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The Illari are a peaceful people who subside primarily from undersea farming. They supplement their diet with Hirat (similiar to sea urchins). The coral cities of the Illari are hailed off-world as some of the most beautiful creations in the universe. Crime is very low within Illari cities. Much of this is because they Illari aim to always live in harmony with each other. They believe that each and every being within their walls should have their basic needs met. They are governed by a randomly selected council that completely changes every 2 local years (approximately every 700 earth days). This council is held accountable to the general population and if it is believed that a council member, or the entire council, is not holding the best interest of the people then a vote of no confidence may be called. IF that vote passes then the council member is ejected from the council and forbidden from ever holding office again. For the most part this process of government has served them well and lead to surprisingly few issues, though tensions have begun to rise from adult Jirala who are barred from participating in the governing process.

Ildar Culture
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Ildar, when compared to the Illari, are often seen as purely savage. The result of androgens in the male system heighten their territorial and violent natures. Ildar culture is one of strength and might. It is lead by a central cult, The Brotherhood of Sdar. The leader of the brotherhood earns his place by killing his predecessor in open combat. With little patience for farming the Ildar subsist mainly on the meat gained from hunting the great beast of the deep. In fact, before a Ildar may join the brotherhood they must venture into the deep and kill one of the great beasts. The bigger and meaner the beast that they kill the more respected they are within the brotherhood. Those who do not gain entry into the brotherhood are treated as slaves. What little farming is done by the Ildar is performed by the uninitiated as it is seen as the only job that they are capable of. The Ildar male their homes in the caves that dot their home territories.

The Rut
The only time that Illari and Ildar interact is during mating season. Ildar, who are already highly affected by hormones, become even more so as the tidal forces trigger the rush of hormones that tell them it is time to mate. Only members of the brotherhood are allowed to go on raids because those who are uninitiated are seen as unworthy of breeding. Many fights break out as the rut comes closer. Occasionally one of the uninitiated will kill a member of the brotherhood. If this happens close enough to the rut then they will gain entry as it is seen as a feat similar to hunting down one of the great beasts. When the rut is at full force the brotherhood will move to raid the female cities to claim a female to mate with. Those few outsiders who have seen the process call it barbaric and many consider it Its not a phone, how can it be ringing?. The Illari see it differently however. To them, being chosen by a male for procreation is an honor.

Technology: Most Illari/Ildar technology centers around the species inherent telepathy. From their computational equipment, to their fabrication.

Crystal-based quantum computing
Invented approximately 500 years ago by a Illari scientist by the name of Yirit. A naturally forming crystal that previously had been thought to be mundane is the basis of the Illari's computing. When telepathic energy is focused on a crystal the core temperature cools rapidly to near absolute zero. Allowing quantum bits (or q-bits) to express themselves. In proper sequence these q-bits can be used to calculate things beyond the current capability of even our best super computers.*

*q-bits based on real theoretical technology

Genetic Fabrication
The discovery of quantum computing led to an eruption in every area of technology. With the aid of the quantum computers the Illari sought to learn what else might be done using their telepathic energy. It was discovered that a certain single celled organism had an amazing ability to fabricate molecules from atoms in the surroundings. It could also break down molecular structures of other objects. Through careful psychic links scientists learned to manipulate these organisms. With this breakthrough the Illari solved one of the inherent problems of living in the sea. They could now fabricate metals, smaller precision cut crystals, and anything that they needed to exacting specifications.

Illari spacecraft are made of mainly crystal interlocked and strengthened at a molecular level to be stronger then metal.


Present: (How do they act now? What is their main goal for their kind at this moment in time? What do they do for most of the time?)
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Illari/Ildar (Wip)
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