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 Canon Characters Depository Thread

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PostSubject: Canon Characters Depository Thread   Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:51 pm

Soooo as I discussed on chat, what with people switching certain doctors and canon characters left and right, it might be worthwhile to have a listing of who last played the character, what threads they were in, and any other useful tidbits. This won't matter too much for new OCs and those OCs who disappeared, but for some who have already met the canon while a different person played it...can make it a bit complicated.

Some down here are missing appropriate nicks. I dunno what some of you go by, or have gone by.

Obviously, some things can be retconned if the RP was too short and never went anywhere, or something the canon character did was just so out of character and didn't make sense and would cause problems for future ones. As long as it can easily be left out without having a major impact on some other OC/Canon. (Like me, Theta, and new Jenny agreeing to retcon a past RP so timelines could be fluid.) Others I assume if they weren't major and the new player doesn't want to go back to it, can just gloss over it as some event that sort of existed but wasn't really important or worth remembering, same with brief meetings of some characters.

To Do list: Captain Jack and 11



11th Doctor

11's Threads, Confused Fleshy Version:


Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Jack's Threads, Mal Version, Complete:
(Will edit later as I have time.)


The Metacrisis Doctor / Eric Zimmer

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Canon Characters Depository Thread
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