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 Jackie Tyler (meta)

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PostSubject: Jackie Tyler (meta)   Jackie Tyler (meta) I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2015 2:27 pm

Jackie Tyler

Species: Human
Age: 45
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unemployed
Status: citizen

Hair: Blonde (quite obviously dyed) and usually tied up
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 4
Figure: Not horribly out of shape but... not exactly IN shape, either.
Other: n/a
Clothing: Jackie likes to wear tracksuits, just out of comfort, but if she's impressing a man, she's likely to lean towards a nice patterned top, or perhaps a jean jacket. She dresses like you'd expect a stereotypical middle aged woman to dress. 

Family: Rose Tyler, daughter, and Pete Tyler, deceased husband
Personality:Jackie had a very strong personality. While she cared greatly for Rose, she didn't like the Ninth Doctorvery much. She had no problem speaking her mind and didn't mind hitting someone; she struck the Doctor. (TV: Aliens of London) Over time she grew to like and respect the Doctor, especially after he stuck to his word and sent Rose back home safely from the Daleks, (TV: The Parting of the Ways) and increasingly in his tenth incarnation. (TV: Love & Monsters, Army of Ghosts)
While Jackie appeared flighty at times, she loved her daughter and was concerned for her safety, given the life the Doctor led. Her attitude towards the Doctor softened from hostility to grudging acceptance, but she continued to worry about Rose and awaited her daughter's return. The Doctor made an effort to return Rose home periodically, even if it seemed almost as if the whole purpose was to let Rose get some laundry done. (TV: Army of Ghosts)
She did not react well to terrifying situations. While running from Cybermen, she was so frightened she could barely tell the Doctor where she was. (TV: Doomsday) She was reluctant to help someone in need. She needed a lot of convincing to help Rose and Mickey out with their plan to save the Doctor, although she ultimately provided the solution to their problem. (TV: World War Three) This particular trait was less prominent later on. When she was unable to save a woman from Davros' reality bomb, she voiced deep regret. (TV: Journey's End)
When she learned Elton Pope was using her to get to the Doctor, she yelled at him and told him that it was hard for her to have to stay behind and not hear from Rose. She said that she would protect the Doctor for as long as she could. (TV: Love & Monsters)
In the year in which she thought Rose was missing, she blamed Mickey for her disappearance. She started a hate campaign and turned the rest of the estate against him. (TV: Aliens of London) She was horrified and embarrassed to be rescued by him during the Slitheen invasion. (TV: World War Three) Later, they formed a close friendship. When Mickey returned to the normal universe for good, he told Jackie she was the one he was going to miss most — more so than Rose. Jackie hugged Mickey and even seemed to understand and sympathize with his choice.
When she returned to Earth from the parallel Earth to rescue her daughter from the Daleks, Jackie evinced more self-confidence, even destroying a Dalek threatening Sarah Jane, but the Doctor still didn't let her work the TARDIS controls. (TV: Journey's End)
Jackie went on dates with a number of men, (TV: The End of TimeThe Parting of the WaysThe Christmas Invasion) even attempting to seduce those she was attracted to, (TV: Love & Monsters) but clearly never stopped loving Pete. (TV: Doomsday)
When she asked for alcohol, Mickey told Jackie, "I've seen you when you've had a few. This ain't time for a conga." (TV: Aliens of London)
Strengths: Sass and bluntness
Weakness: physically weak, and again.... bluntness.
Likes: Rose Tyler and men
Dislikes: The Doctor (after turning her down and taking her daughter of course), and out of hand situations
Dream: She doesn't really have one

History: Jackie Prentice was the daughter of Rose's Grandad Prentice. (TV: Army of Ghosts) Her birthday was 1 February, and, as with her parallel universe self, was born forty years before2007, making her year of birth 1967.[1] (TV: Rise of the Cybermen)
At some point, Jackie married Pete Tyler. (TV: Father's Day) Jackie gave birth to a daughter called Rose, who was borncirca 1986. (TV: The Unquiet DeadDalek)
In 1987, an older Rose travelled with the Doctor to meet Jackie and Pete. She had had an idyllic image of her parents' marriage. The relationship she saw was stormy. Their fights were short-lived and it was clear Jackie and Pete loved each other despite the arguments. After Pete's death, Jackie told Rose about her father. Jackie was unaware that her memories of the day Pete died were altered when Rose changed history. Jackie remembered a young woman kneeling over Pete's body. She had no idea that it was Rose from the future. (TV:Father's Day)
On 1 January 2005, Rose voiced dismay about Jackie's dead-end relationship with Jimbo. Jackie responded that she thought she would not find anyone better at her age, but Rose reassured her that she would find someone one day. This was witnessed by the Tenth Doctor just before his impendingregeneration. (TV: The End of Time)
On or before 5 March of that year, Jackie took a telephone call from Rose who she believed was working that day. From Rose's perspective however, her department store had already been destroyed by Autons and she had run off with the Ninth Doctor. The Doctor modified Rose's mobileto let her phone anyone from anywhere in time and space. Jackie was unknowingly sending her voice into outer space and nearly five billion years into the future. (TV: The End of the World)

MEETING THE NINTH DOCTOR [size=9]edit[/size]

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Jackie after an Auton raid. (TV:Rose)

Jackie suggested to Rose after the destruction of Henrik's that she get compensation. Jackie first met the Ninth Doctor when Rose invited him in to talk about the Auton attack on Henrik's. She flirted with him to no avail. During the final phase of the attempted Auton invasion, Autons attacked Jackie while she was out shopping at Queen's Arcade. She was saved when Rose destroyed the Nestene Consciousness. (TV: Rose)
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Jackie under attack by theSlitheen. (TV: Aliens of London)

When Rose left with the Doctor in his TARDIS, she intended to be back within hours. When Rose returned to London, although it had only been a few days for her, a year had elapsed on Earth due to a miscalculation by the Doctor. Out of her mind with worry, Jackie had organised a poster campaign for her missing daughter. She even accused Rose's boyfriend Mickey Smith of murdering her. When Rose returned, Jackie was furious with the Doctor for taking her away.
She also could not understand why Rose would not tell her where she had been, but learned the truth when she saw the TARDIS. She contacted an emergency helpline. This summoned UNIT, who escorted the Doctor and Rose to Downing Street. Sip Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, who was disguised as apoliceman, attacked Jackie due to her association with the Doctor. (TV: Aliens of London)
The Doctor, having remotely electrocuted Sip Fel-Fotch with an electrified ID badge, prevented him from killing Rose. Mickey rescued Jackie and escaped with her to his flat. Sip Fel-Fotch tracked down Mickey and Jackie and began breaking into Mickey's flat. With the help of the Doctor, Jackie used all of thevinegar she could find in the flat to kill the calcium-based lifeform that was weakened by hiscompression field.
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Jackie, frightened for Rose's safety. (TV: World War Three)

Jackie began to understand how dangerous Rose's new life was when the Doctor ended the Slitheen's plans to make the Earth into a piece of cheap, radioactive starship fuel by calling down a missile strike on 10 Downing Street where he and Rose were trapped. Rose survived the attack and rushed home to let her know she made it. Jackie offered Rose to invite the Doctor for dinner, but he refused.
When ready to go travelling again, Rose promised that, because the TARDIS was a time machine, she could travel to the end of the universe and back and it would have only been ten seconds. However, after the TARDIS dematerialised, Rose did not return in ten seconds and Jackie walked off. (TV: World War Three)
Jackie nearly fell for a scheme to take humans "on holiday" to fight in an alien war. A thug who lived in the council estate mugged her and took the "winning ticket" that qualified her for the vacation. Jackie ended up in hospital, but her assailant fared worse. He took her place as a remote-controlled soldier on an alien planet and was killed. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)
The time-lost Neanderthal Das flirted with Jackie at a London nightclub before Captain Jack Harknesssteered him away from her. Jack and Jackie did not meet at this time. Jack scanned Jackie's DNA with his wrist device and identified her as Rose Tyler's mother. He had heard that she "wouldn't appreciate any more Doctor-related weirdness in her life".(PROSE: Only Human)
Rose used the "superphone" to call Jackie from a human colony world in the future. Jackie complained Rose had not let her know she had been in Cardiff during her recent visit to the city. (PROSE: The Stealers of Dreams)
When the Doctor sent Rose back to her own time to escape a Dalek attack, Jackie was glad to have her daughter home. She said she loved the Doctor for sending Rose out of danger. However, she eventually helped Rose open the TARDIS console, enabling her to return and help the Doctor. (TV: The Parting of the Ways)
Jackie began dating a fruit vendor named Howard. (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

TRUSTING THE TENTH DOCTOR [size=9]edit[/size]

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"I'm going to get killed by a Christmas tree!" (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

Jackie was one of the first people to encounter the Doctor after he regenerated into his tenth incarnation. Like Rose, it took Jackie a while to realise this younger-looking man was the same one she had met before. Her relationship with the Doctor was warmer than his earlier incarnation; she allowed the Doctor to attend Christmas dinner with Rose and her. (TV: The Christmas Invasion)
Jackie posed as the Doctor's new girlfriend and face battled him in front of Rose in order to drive out the jealousy-eating Iagnon from her. She later face battled him again just to make sure there wasn't more than one creature inside her. (COMIC: The Green-Eyed Monster)
Jackie comforted Rose after she returned from a parallel world where Pete was alive and Jackie had been turned into a Cyberman. Mickey had decided to stay in that world, and the Doctor had to seal off the world, so Rose could never visit. (TV: The Age of Steel)
She befriended Elton Pope, a young man searching for the Doctor, unaware he was using her to get to the Doctor. Their relationship progressed to her forcing Elton to take off his clothes. The proceedings were interrupted by a call from Rose. Jackie discovered a photograph of Rose in Elton's coat and realised the truth. She angrily told Elton she would protect the Doctor and Rose, no matter what. She later told Rose about what Elton had done. Rose and the Doctor tracked down Elton so Rose could yell at him, leading to saving his life from a monstrous alien. (TV: Love & Monsters)
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"And in forty years time, fifty, there'll be this woman, this strange woman, walking through the marketplace on some planet a billion miles from Earth. But she's not Rose Tyler. Not anymore. She's not even human." (TV: Army of Ghosts)

Jackie accepted the Doctor as part of her life, showering him with face battles upon one of his returns with Rose. In 2007, Jackie was one of many fooled into believing the ghosts appearing around the world were deceased relatives, in her case, her father. She was hostile to the Doctor's scepticism about this. While the Doctor investigated a ghost sighting, Jackie told her daughter how she feared this life of not settling down, and always travelling, because it had caused her to change radically from the girl who used to work in a shop. Rose had not enjoyed a fulfilling experience in her old job at Henrik's, and defended that she had changed for the better. Jackie supposed this was true, but seemed distressed that she had also worked in a shop and Rose's negative reaction was a jab at her own welfare. Rose insisted she didn't mean it that way, and Jackie replied she knew what Rose really meant to say. Although it upset Rose, Jackie confronted her with the belief that if she died, Rose would have no reason to come back home to Earth and stay travelling forever, changing more and more until she no longer resembled her daughter, even to the point she forgot how to be human. This caused Rose to sober up and think about having a more stable life.
Jackie found herself aboard the TARDIS when it dematerialised and arrived at Torchwood headquarters, warning the Doctor if they ended up on Mars, she'd kill him. When Torchwood surrounded the TARDIS in a hostile manner, the Doctor initiated a plan to observe their background operations. Rose was sent out to reconnoitre. Jackie impersonated Rose when she and the Doctor were captured by Torchwood. The Doctor's unflattering remarks about his companion aging by fifty-seven years after looking into the Heart of the TARDIS and being delusional about her real age of forty earned him an icy stare. The humour did not last long, when a major conflict spilled out inside Torchwood's compound. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

A NEW HOME [size=9]edit[/size]

Jackie found herself in the middle of the Battle of Canary Wharf. Cybermen from an alternate Earth andDaleks battled over Earth. Jackie thought she was reunited with the ghost of her dead husband, Pete, only to learn that it was a version from the alternate Earth whose own Jackie had been assimilated by the Cybermen. They almost immediately began a relationship. Soon after, Jackie and Rose had to escape to the alternate world, with no apparent way to return to their Earth. Jackie and Rose were declared dead on their Earth, victims of the battle. On the parallel Earth, however, Jackie gave birth to a son, Tony Tyler. She also had to deal with comforting Rose, who was emotionally devastated by her separation from the Doctor, with whom she had fallen in love. (TV: Doomsday)

FIGHTING THE DALEKS [size=9]edit[/size]

Over the next few years, Rose worked to find a way back to the Doctor to warn him about the impendingcollapse of reality. She returned to her original Earth after a detour into an alternate timeline. Soon after, Jackie and Mickey also returned to their original Earth to help Rose. One of the first people Jackie encountered was Sarah Jane Smith. Jackie and Mickey arrived as Sarah Jane was about to be killed by two Daleks. Jackie killed one of the Daleks while Mickey killed the other.
Now a more self-assured, less self-absorbed individual, Jackie worked alongside Sarah Jane, Mickey andJack Harkness to rescue the Doctor and save Earth. While Mickey disagreed with Sarah Jane's plan to surrender to get to the Crucible, Jackie immediately agreed, knowing that the Doctor and Rose would be there. Jackie, Mickey and Sarah Jane were made test subjects for the reality bomb. Sarah Jane and Mickey escaped while Jackie comforted a fallen prisoner. In the nick of time, Jackie's teleport recharged and she escaped to safety. In the ensuing battle, Jackie was reunited with Rose and met Martha Jonesand Donna Noble. When Earth was towed back to where it belonged, Jackie didn't pilot the TARDIS along with everyone else. The Doctor specifically told her, "No, no Jackie, not you, just stand back".
Afterwards, Mickey said his goodbyes to her. He wasn't returning to the parallel world. There was nothing left for him there and he said that he was going to miss her the most. Jackie embraced Mickey in a final goodbye. Following the defeat of Davros, the Doctor returned Jackie to the alternate Earth to reunite her with her husband and son. Jackie couldn't resist winding up the Doctor one last time by making him believe she had named her son "Doctor". She watched as the Doctor's clone agreed to stay behind and begin a life with Rose and the original Doctor departed for the last time. (TV: Journey's End)


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PostSubject: Re: Jackie Tyler (meta)   Jackie Tyler (meta) I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2015 2:43 pm

Your personality and history section has been entirely copied from the Tardis wikia site. Plagiarism is absolutely forbidden on this site, and I must ask that you completely clear those fields and redo them in your own words. Until this is fixed, I'll have to deny this CC.

(I'd point out there's a picture missing and the dream field really needs to be filled with something, but I feel the plagiarism is something that screams out and blankets all, yeah? >.>)

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