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 We All Make Mistakes.... Right? Big Whopping Mistakes! (Robin and Me)

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Eleventh Doctor
Eleventh Doctor

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We All Make Mistakes.... Right? Big Whopping Mistakes! (Robin and Me)  Empty
PostSubject: We All Make Mistakes.... Right? Big Whopping Mistakes! (Robin and Me)    We All Make Mistakes.... Right? Big Whopping Mistakes! (Robin and Me)  I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2015 10:22 pm

Clink, clink, CRASH! The Eleventh Doctor topples over, knocking several things down with him. A few sparks come from the angry console of the TARDIS. The Doctor had been trying to fix her up, make a few upgrades, nothing big. Sadly, everything went wrong with one bad decision. Luckily, he had his sonic screwdriver! "Where is it?!" The Eleventh Doctor frantically searched his pockets for his beloved screwdriver. He gets up quickly, stumbling into the console as the TARDIS shook violently. The Doctor was going down with the tardis so only one thing could be said at a time like this. Gripping onto the console, the Doctor screamed at the top of his lungs while an excited smile came onto his face. "GERONIMO!!"

Next thing The Doctor knew, he was on the floor and covered in broken bits of the wall. He regained his balance and ran to the door, thrilled at the fact that something had finally happened on this boring day. The doors opened with a groaning creak as they always did, presenting Doctor with an interesting sight. It was an abandoned children's park. Broken seesaws, squeaking swings, and torn up slides filled the Doctor's eyes as he glanced around. It may seem simple, but to Doctor, it was Christmas all over again!

The Doctor walked out, his eyes searching the seemingly quiet playground. Nothing was in sight, but it did feel rather off. A slight movement caught the Doctor's attention. He glances at a normal looking shadow that wasn't there before. The shadow was the shape of a human, but there wasn't a host for it to come off of... so where was it coming from? The air? Eleven glanced around, keeping a stern look as he tried to figure out what was going on. The shadow began to grow towards Doctor, its shape and size expanding very quickly. He had to think on his feet or something would happen. The Doctor didn't know what would happen, but something would. The thought of what could happen sent chills down his spine. He searched his pockets for anything that could help him out. Time slowly ticking away as he searched.

"Ah!" The Doctor smiled at the screwdriver in his hand. "There you are!" He very carefully, but yet very quickly adjusted the settings on his screwdriver. The shadow crept closer. When the Doctor glanced up from this screwdriver, the shadows (aka Vashta Nerada) were right at his feet causing the Doctor to point the screwdriver at them. He would have moved away if he was paying more attention, but then again... when did he really pay attention? A bright green light went onto the Vashta Nerada along with the beautiful buzzing sound the Doctor happily enjoyed. The green light slowly seemed to wrap around the shadows, making them stop on their quest to get the Doctor and his flesh. After a few seconds, the light seemed to go somewhat solid.

Snap! The light snapped in half and the shadows scattered in the blink of an eye. Doctor was left alone once more as a gentle breeze blew his hair gently. He flipped his screwdriver with a satisfied grin as he walked back into this TARIDS. Sparks greeted him at the door. "Hellooooo Sexy!" He smiled and ran to her. "Feeling a bit angry about the mistakes I made? Don't worry. I'll be extremely clever so you can watch!" The Eleventh Doctor climbs under the console and starts working on fixing her up. For the next couple of hours, he would be talking to himself and making impossible ideas of how to have fun through time and space... but hey, who could do it any better than the Eleventh Doctor himself? No one, that's who.

The only sad thing was... The Doctor hadn't fixed the problem at hand.... he had actually made it much, much worse.... It was only a matter of time before he found out about his mistake......
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We All Make Mistakes.... Right? Big Whopping Mistakes! (Robin and Me)
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