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 The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)

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Sayo/9Th Doctor
Time Lord
Time Lord

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PostSubject: The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)   Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:31 pm

London April 14 2010

Pounding feet rushed across the dew covered grass as the faint outline of a man raced through the cemetary grounds, his breathing harsh as he sprinted for the saftey of his car.

A slight sound from behind, feet, hissing, a vague static sound made him turn his head to look over his shoulder. Just in time to freeze the Angel statue chasing him mere inches away from touching his shoulder. Letting out a cry of shock, he tripped and fell onto the ground, his hands and feet scrambling across the grass as he backed up away from the supposed statue before him, it's face twisted into a ferice snarl, hands outstretched like claws and wings spread wide behind it.

"N... No way..." He whispered helplessly, his eyes blinking the sweat from them only to have the angel shift in the split second they were closed, a foot away now. Scrambling back once again, he felt the cool stone of a grave behind him, unable to move without taking his eyes off of the statue, he simply stared up at it, his panic rising with each blink of the eye.

Two feet away.

One foot away.

A hand just an inch from his face.

Then a scream, the sound of static and the clatter of clean white bones as they fell to the ground. The Angel, staring at where it's meal had been seemed to hiss in anger before disappearing into the darkness to await another source of food to pass by once again.

Chiswik March 21 2013

It was closing time at the museum as the staff began cleaning and locking the exhibits one by one. A single woman, caretaker of the building, made her rounds to ensure everything was locked up tight before returning to her office to finish the final paperwork left behind by the secretary.

Turning the corner, she spotted a row of statues just ahead and repressed a shudder. She despised walking past them at night, there was something otherworldly about them that just made her skin crawl. Their eyes seemed to follow her form as she quickly paced by and reached the exit, breathing a small sigh of relief.

A shifting sound from behind made her freeze, hand still on the door as she slowly turned her head, dread running through her system at the sight of one statue out of formation, it's wings seemed to be in mid-stretch as she stared uncomprehendingly at it.

"This isn't real..." Her whispered breath was echoed by a soft static, almost like the buzzing of bees in the distance. Placing one foot farther behind her, she prepared to run and find someone, anyone, a security guard, a janitor anyone to help her with the statue.

After several minutes, she shook her head and scoffed to herself. As if, statues didn't move, it must have slipped from the slightly raised platform it sat on. All she needed to do was find someone to put it back and she'd be able to sleep well at night.

Turning back around, she went to walk out the door, trying to ignore the louder sound of static coming directly from behind. Seconds later, a pain-filled shriek echoed through the empty halls of the building, followed by the clattering of bones as the woman became nothing more than that, a pile on the floor.

Cardiff July 25 2015

The angels gathered in the empty field just outside of Cardiff, unable to do anything as they continued to hunt and search for the one being they knew would fix this. Only one person left to turn to, despite their differences, they knew he would. They would make sure he would, no matter what. It had been too long since any of them were able to eat, unable to free themselves of the creatures clinging to them and taking their food. They needed him, and they would get him.

All they needed to do was wait.

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Neth Smiley

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PostSubject: Re: The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)   Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:46 pm

"Jerks!" Neth yelled to the sky, shunting her backpack closer. "Damn their hides, every last one, by the Nine." she added complacently. All she'd done was point out that there was no such thing as "nothing", simply either dark matter or ozone/methane mix, and everyone in class had to laugh at her. It wasn't funny! They'd gotten the joke wrong, that was the problem.

She looked across the field, noticing a group of statues that she hadn't seen before. This, certainly, was worth investigating. Neth turned on her heel, padding across the field to examine the statues- all angels, all with their hands over their eyes.

"Afternoon, guyzos." she said, settling down. She could afford to hang out with such lovely statues for a while.
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Alex Becker/Finn O'Riley

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PostSubject: Re: The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)   Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:46 pm



"Can I go to Taylor's House for the weekend?" asked Andrew from the kitchen of the small flat.

"Nope." Alex replied to her younger brother and stood in the doorway of the kitchen.

"My Homework is done." Andrew said as to bribe Alex.

"You're homework is always done and don't look at me like that!" Alex exclaimed as Andrew tried the puppy dog eyes on Alex.

"Why not?" Andrew asked.

Alex thought for a moment. Then realized there really isn't any reason that he can't go. "Alright fine you can go." Alex said as Andrew ran to the bedroom to grab stuff.

After dropping Andrew off at his friend Taylor's house Alex when to Cardiff figuring she could use a little break. She soon found some angel statues in a field. Alex wrote then off as creepy in her mind and started to walk away. Alex then stopped and pulled out her laptop and sat under a tree. She scowled at the lack of open WiFi so she started to hack into a locked one.
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Doctor Meta Z

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PostSubject: Re: The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)   Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:21 pm

The doors of a bus hissed open as the tall vehicle stopped just outside of Cardiff, and Eric Zimmer Ravenswood hopped out. Eric had hopped many buses to come to the city, and it was all on a hunch. Somewhere when looking on the internet for famous buildings and other related research, Eric had come upon the Torchwood tower. Of course it wasn't specifically labeled. In fact it looked like just an ordinary apartment building just behind the bit in question. But Eric recognized that building from his time as a little boy. His hero, Captain Jack had taken care of him there, and for several months he had called it home. That was until the day he ran into the Doctor and his magical box.

While Eric lived a happy life as his friend's sister, he still wondered what had happened to the two. The Doctor had gone travelling off in his spaceship, and Captain Jack...he hadn't heard from Captain Jack since the day the Doctor accidentally dropped them in the wrong century. This hadn't overly bothered him before, but now that he realized it was a year after the day he had gone missing, he wondered where to find the man. He knew the name of the building: Torchwood. It was named after some Torchwood Estate. But as for its location? He no longer remembered. Until today.

Glancing down at the map he carried under his arm, he knew the location to be somewhere deep inside Cardiff. It was vague, but he had placed its location somewhere in a few block's radius. He would find it, but a new thought plagued him. What if Captain Jack no longer stayed at the building? It had been a year, and he recalled the man went off on strange and dangerous missions, disappearing for days or even weeks at a time. He could've come at a bad time.

At the very least, his associates could tell him where he'd gone. If they allowed him into the building. They knew him as a young boy, and he wondered how hard they'd stare and laugh at him if he tried to tell them he'd travelled in time, twice. Ah well. Things to worry about when he got there. In the mean time, he had to walk to the first local bus station.

He'd walked maybe a mile when he saw a small park. Well, it wasn't exactly a park, more a field, but with the presence of a ring of statues there, he guessed it to be some kind of ancient ruins. He'd never heard of this before, and those angels looked something fierce.

He wasn't the only one there, he noted. Two individuals had camped out, one by the trees with a laptop, the other near the statues. Maybe it was a popular studying places for the highschool kids. Regardless, he figured they must know Cardiff pretty well, and could direct him both to a fairly cheap hotel and the Torchwood tower. He just hoped the money in his pocket lasted long enough.

Dressed in a plain blue short-sleeved button up shirt and black trousers, and a pack slung over his back, he strolled over to the two, arriving at the computer carrying kid first, but in plain sight of the one near the statues.

"Hey, I'm looking for the Torchwood tower!" He hollered. "Can I trouble one of you two for directions?"


The Metacrisis Doctor / Eric Zimmer

All things are possible. They might not happen, or might not happen the way we wanted them to happen, but they are possible. All possibilities depend on the choices we make...some close doors and some open them. And every once in a great while, we get a restart...a chance to change the past or the future. And even if we shouldn't, we get that chance to make the decision again. - Bad Wolf
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Neth Smiley

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PostSubject: Re: The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)   Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:38 pm

"Hello?" Neth asked, neck slightly extended. "Who are you?" The young woman was very interesting looking, slightly more than the statues, but she had a laptop. Surely she wouldn't be interested in Neth much longer. Again Neth returned to her book, glasses firmly shoved up the bridge of her nose, but it would be obvious to any observer she was scooting closer, like a wildlife observer trying not to be noticed.

"You're…" she began, faltered, began again. "You're very beautiful."

The arrival of the man was startling, certainly, and the small girl flattened herself to the ground. The angel statues suddenly looked cold and forbidding, the forest beyond them a safe refuge. Perhaps if she ran, she could get away from the increasing number of people gathering there.

"Don't know, sorry, sir." she said, voice as stilted and stammering as before.
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PostSubject: Re: The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)   

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The Angel's Shadow (You know who can be in it)
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