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 Serena Marel

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PostSubject: Serena Marel   Serena Marel I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2015 4:17 pm

Serena Marel
Species: Jarendral
Age: 22 (about)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Helmsman/Shuttle Pilot
Status: An average person, nothing super special about her

Serena found herself on a street at the age of twelve or so, no memories left to be found in her head, except some vague recollection of some man known as the Doctor. She was passed around between homes, not really causing trouble, but never finding herself exactly home on solid ground. Maybe because she looked slightly different- her skin was red, but paler than everyone around her, and her eyes were of a blue hue rather than the red of everyone else's. Her black hair was worn longer than everyone else's, mostly out of choice rather than force, though it did grow rather quickly. She was of a normal height and average build, which didn't stop the shunning. There was a scar on her arm, but she couldn't remember how it had got there. When she tried, his face was all that showed up. This resulted in her keeping a guarded personality on a planet where openness was considered best, locking her in a vicious cycle
She joined a fledgling space program aboard one of the planet's first ships, the ESS Galaxy, working as a shuttle pilot, tasked with taking people to and from planets to the ship. They didn't seem to mind her strange appearance as much up there, probably because they all expected to meet much worse on other planets. She felt better than she had back at 'home'- she could focus on her work, and she made a couple of friends- her bunkmate Ezrina, an engineer, and Melana, an astronomer. And when they asked her of her past, she tried to change the subject, not telling either of them about the mysterious man who inhabited her memories.

This all changed when they visited their first inhabited planet, two months into the voyage. The natives were advanced enough to be able to invite them down to talk, have a diplomatic meal, and then to massacre all the visiting people- approximately half the ship, given the shore leave available after two months. Serena escaped back to the Galazy, and the remaining crew managed to leave the solar system before they were blown out of orbit. However, they flew, at quantum-warp, straight into a gravity shadow, flinging them through time.

The ship is currently lost, their maps useless and stranded in time. Serena is now helmsman, given her experience with flying and the death of all the other qualified people, and is in charge of getting them to somewhere they can stay.

Personality: Serena is a guarded person, due to her upbringing. Loathe to speak about her past, she can become violent if it's brought up too often or too loudly, and desperate if there is any chance of her learning anything she can't remember- that is, anything. However, in general she is a kind, if somewhat distant, person, not wanting anyone to be ignored or bullied like she was. She dislikes staying in one place for too long, preferring to be moving about. She values the few friends she has, and while she would never admit it to any of them, she would probably do crazy things to keep them out of danger.  She keeps her worries to herself, and doesn’t like people being worried for her. She feels guilty about having not being able to rescue more people, only having time to rescue herself before the assassin's arrived.

Clothing: She usually wears her ships uniform- a navy jacket with the Sliver Logo on the breast, over a white shirt and black trousers. She wears a watch, but it doesn't work- she keeps it purely because she had it when she was growing up. Make-up isn’t really a thing on her planet, so she doesn’t use it.

Family: None known about, a bunch of foster families that she doesn’t keep in touch with

Strengths: Calm under pressure and stress, good driving and navigational skills, agile and dextrous with her hands due to pilot training
Weaknesses: Can appear cold to others, not extremely comfortable with leadership, can become violent when provoked, her appearance is hard to disguise among humans

Likes: Travelling, calm music, coffee, being alone
Dislikes: Large crowds, smaller creatures, her lack of history and that man in her head

Dreams: To get her memory back, and to explore the galaxy (In that order)

I found this site by searching up Doctor Who RP, and this showed up. Hooray!

Serena is standing on the opposite side of the street, thinking hard. Of course they would end up separated- they usually did. Although, as far as she could remember, this was the first time that crossing a deserted street could kill them. After a few moments, she had concocted a plan. She took out the chicken leg, checking the floor to make sure no shadows were stretching towards her on the ground. They weren’t, thankfully. She tore off a small piece, and threw in into the road between them. As soon as it left the light coming from the shop, she saw it become shredded to pieces before even touching the floor. This complicated things. Ignoring the man’s shouting words, she reached into the bag with her other hand, removing the torch. She flicked it on, and it made a slim path of light, cutting through the darkness, but not exactly wide enough for a man to walk along. She overlapped the small circle with the patch of light emanating from the lamp, and put the torch in her mouth, holding it there unsteadily. This plan should work, but if not, she was stranded. Tearing the leg into chunks, she threw one away from the edge of the lamp. The shadows pulled away from the ring of light, the Doctor stepping into it, holding himself in it as best as he could. Taking the torch back into her hand, she guided it towards her, the Doctor calmly walking forwards with it. Occasionally, she threw another chunk, to keep them away from the Doctor as best as she could. The progress was slow, as she didn’t want to leave any part of him in a tiny shadow. Eventually, the Doctor reached her side, but the torch dimmed, almost ready to go out. Serena reacted quickly, throwing what was left of the leg into the street just as the torch went out, the Doctor stepping safely onto her side. The pieces of meat vanished into thin air, but she didn’t care. They were safe.
So, what do you guys think?
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Doctor Meta Z
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PostSubject: Re: Serena Marel   Serena Marel I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2015 7:54 pm

Ok first things first. You didn't follow the template. You have history and appearance merged into one, can you please separate those into their own places and fill out the appearance fields? (Putting the other fields in order as they appear in the template would be helpful in letting me see that everything is present.)

Two, you need a picture, but you can set that as your avi as I don't believe the board allows you to have a picture posted in a thread right away.

Three, the species of your character seems to be made up. From your history, personality, and vague description, you may be able to simply change it to a workable alien from the Dr Who universe, but if you're wanting to go with your madeup alien, you need to create an alien template for it. (Here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ) And that needs to be approved before your character can even be approved.

Four, in your RP sample you're gmoding the Doctor. That's a no go. You're only writing the reactions of your character to the surroundings.

Five, this is more of a note. It's alluded in your history that you have some recollection of the Doctor. This is prooooobably ok as long as you don't gmod the heck out of anything, and work out any future history with a Doctor currently on this site, or you decide to go the route of total amnesia and never remembering it at all.

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All things are possible. They might not happen, or might not happen the way we wanted them to happen, but they are possible. All possibilities depend on the choices we make...some close doors and some open them. And every once in a great while, we get a restart...a chance to change the past or the future. And even if we shouldn't, we get that chance to make the decision again. - Bad Wolf
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Serena Marel
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