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 Julia Saunderson

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Julia Saunderson

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PostSubject: Julia Saunderson   Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:22 pm

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Julia Saunderson

Species: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Occupation: Wandering across Ireland
Status: Currently homeless

Hair: Ginger; fohawk
Eyes: Green
Figure: Slim and petite, but short.
Other: None.
Clothing: V-neck t-shirt and leather jacket, torn jeans.

Family: Only child, parents are dead.
Personality: Julia is generally good-natured and friendly, but on the inside she is filled with turmoil and pain due to her past. She has met a lot of people in her young life, and though she never sticks around, she remains in their thoughts and prayers. She is kind and caring, and often stops in her travels to aid the sick at heart and mind.
Strengths: Faces each new day with optimism and general cheeriness despite her desolate circumstances; Has a big heart and shares it with everyone she meets; Can deal with pretty much anything nature can throw at her.
Weakness: Has given away too much love, and received little in return; Always ends up helping those who are in need before herself, even if her need is greater; Can’t deal with death and will often leave a situation if death becomes involved.
Likes: Helping out wherever she can; Giving away what little she has; Nature.
Dislikes: Death; Crickets chirping past midnight; Potatoes (She’s grown really tired of them by now).
Dream: To one day find her place in the world.

History:  Orphaned at the age of 16, when her parents died in some kind of attack (some group called UNIT showed up and would never explain exactly what happened), Julia was sent to the orphanage down the street. At the age of 18 she lied about having family to live with and her job status to the orphanage, and the orphanage let her go on the assumption that she had a job and family to live with. In all reality, she left to wander the fields of Ireland on her own.
Growing up in the orphanage was hell for Julia. Day in and day out she would wake up, survive, and go back to bed. No one seemed to care about her. No one even wanted to talk to her: Most of the other kids had grown up in the orphanage, and when Julia arrived at 16, she found no willing friends; The staff avoided the children in general, except when they had to; and no one wanted to adopt a kid as old as Julia.
But for all the disrespect and hatred Julia faced in her late childhood, she didn’t learn to disrespect and hate in return. She remembered the way her parents treated her with warm respect and undying love, and she implemented those traits into every aspect of her life. More often than not it cost her dearly, but when it rewarded her, it rewarded her with ten times the love and respect she put out. The same is true to this day.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Internet search for “Doctor Who Roleplay”.
Roleplay Example: “Oh come on, don’t tell me you can’t let me in! You’re not even supposed to close for another ten minutes.”
“The answer is no.” The shopkeeper slammed the door in Julia’s face, and she stared, mouth open at the door for a few moments. Just as she turned around to run back across the street to the Doctor, the streetlamp above her head flickered. She looked up, startled, and remembered suddenly what the doctor had told her earlier about the vashda narada. Just as she glanced around to see if she had more than one shadow, the light above her went out, leaving only the dim light of the shop to illuminate the sidewalk. Muttering something under her breath that the Doctor wouldn’t have approved of, she went through her options out loud. “Alright. Assuming there are millions of the little buggers surrounding me right now, I can’t move. How am I supposed to cross the bloody street? Unless… Unless there aren’t a million vashda narada around me.”
Thinking quickly, she carefully nudged her backpack off her shoulders and dropped it at her feet. Slowly she bent down, unzipping the pack and pulling out her lunch bag. She pulled the remains of a chicken leg out from the bag and tossed into the middle of the deserted street. Instantly the meat vanished, leaving the bone with not a trace of consumable material left on it. Julia swallowed hard, her heart beginning to race.
“Ok, not good.” She fished in her bag for a moment and pulled out a torch. “Better,” she muttered, “but it won’t keep them from sneaking up behind.” She shined the light across the street, but the beam only reached about halfway across. “Ok, so I can go that far, but what then?” She would have paced, but the idea of being consumed in the blink of an eye by invisible piranhas in the air kept her rooted to the spot. Suddenly she had an idea. Working in the space she had in the light from the shop, she pulled a silver raincoat from her bag and turned it inside out. The reflective interior glittered in the low light. “Thank god for R.E.I.” She hung it on the door handle of the shop, and angled it so the light from the torch bounced off the interior of the jacket. The light thrown from the torch now reached all the way across the street where the doctor was waiting under another street lamp.
“I’m gonna miss that jacket,” she commented to herself before running across the street to rejoin the doctor.
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PostSubject: Re: Julia Saunderson   Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:53 pm


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Julia Saunderson

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PostSubject: Re: Julia Saunderson   Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:44 am

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Julia Saunderson
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