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 The Sh'al.

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PostSubject: The Sh'al.   Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:45 pm

Name: The Sh'al.

Home world: Triton, Moon of Neptune.

Appearance: They closely resemble humans, every member of the Sh'al has Blackish Blue hair, pale white skin and dark blue eyes. They have a third eye in the middle of their forehead that can be open and closed/hidden at will. They also have slightly pointed ears.

Attitude: Mostly they are a very peaceful species when left alone, they are empathic so they try to avoid violence whenever possible, however they will retaliate to protect themselves and those they care for but even then they chose to disarm rather than harm if it is possible.
The Sh'al do well in social situations as their empathic abilities allow them to feel others emotional states.

Technology: Their technology is more advanced than earth, however they choose to lead a more simple way of life and the technology they have is what they deem necessary. They have spaceships, have achieved teleportation and other such futuristic means and devices. However they don't have telephones as they are able to communicate with one another psychically.

A common piece of technology is a silver staff with Sh'al runes engraved on them, They use this to defend themselves as it shoots out none lethal balls of blue energy that immobilize or stun enemies.
It also acts somewhat like a sonic device, as it is used to open various things and can hack into other technology. They are made from organic material and work by telepathic commands.

Empathy – They can feel the emotions of other sentient lifeforms.
Telepathy _ This ability only works on other Sh'al and is passive, meaning it can not be turned on or off. This also applies to the flora and fauna of Triton.
Astral Projection _ While they are doing this their physical body is left vulnerable.

Triton: They are very close to the flora and fauna of their home world and feel a deep and spiritual connection to Triton. They haven't urbanized their home, they live in small stone buildings that resemble a miniature Parthenon. The landscape somewhat resembles Pandora from the Avatar movie.

Backstory: In their past they were vicious warriors and had thousand year wars that devastated not only Triton but other home worlds and species. This led to their population being greatly decreased. A small faction ran to the mountains to avoid the fighting and they lived a more peaceful existence and reconnected with Triton. Eventually the Sh'al that were viscous died out and the peaceful tribe began to repopulate the planet, teaching their children a more peaceful way of life.

Present: In present day they are one of the most peaceful races in the universe. There are no more wars or fighting and the descendants of the small faction that fled to the mountains are part of a hereditary council that is in charge of the planet. Their children are taught how to connect to their home world on a psychic level and are taught that violence is wrong.

They welcome outsiders, but they must follow the rules of the Sh'al and remain peaceful or they are made to leave.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sh'al.   Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:54 pm

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The Sh'al.
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