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 Ja'vel Of The Sh'al.

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PostSubject: Ja'vel Of The Sh'al.   Ja'vel Of The Sh'al. I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2015 10:48 pm

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Character Name Ja'vel.

Species: Sh'al.
Age: 18.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Student at the Library of the Sh'al.
Status: Royal – Member of the Council.
Orientation: Gay.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height:5 feet 8 1/2 inches
Figure: Slim.
Other: Pointed ears and a third eye on the forehead that is usually hidden
Clothing: Somewhat medieval, usually a dark blue tunic and hooded cloak with black trousers and black horse riding boots.
Abilities: Empathy, Astral projection and Telepathy with Triton and other Sh'al.

Family: Father died when he was a child, he was raised by his mother who is a teacher at the Library of the Sh'al, and a Younger brother.
Personality: Usually he is calm and collected, some would say distant and mostly quiet when he first enters a situation, each sentence he speaks has been well thought out. His temper is rarely lost unless someone hurts his friends or family.

He is incredibly loyal to those who have shown him kindness and to those he loves. He is rather stoic in most situations and even in times of danger he seldom looses his sense of decorum and composure.

1) Calm in the face of danger.
2) Is able to think quickly in tricky situations.
3) Has a varied and firm knowledge of science.
4) His Empathic skills makes communicating with other species easy.

1) Is hesitant to purposefully bring harm to others.
2) His emotional state can be affected when surrounded by people with heightened emotions, which can distract him or leave him momentarily incapacitated.  

Likes: Meditating, sight seeing, swimming and tea.
Dislikes: conflict, rudeness, violent people and the unjust.
Dream: To live up to his fathers legacy as a great leader and to protect Triton and the Sh'al.

History: When he was five years old and his younger brother was born, his father was killed when travelling between worlds by bandits.

As he was the oldest child he took his fathers place on the council that governs Triton. His mother works at the Sh'al Library and that is where he was taught the history of his people,  how to communicate with other Sh'al and Triton Telepathically. and how to participate on the council.

Fearful of one day facing attackers like the bandits that killed his father he learnt the Sh'al martial arts by an old man who worked in the Library, Although he has never had cause to use these skills and hopes to never have to.

When he was twelve years old he learnt how to astral project and began to spend a lot of his time sight seeing on other planets with the use of this ability.

At sixteen he made the decision to leave Triton and find the bandits that killed his father, His aim is to bring them to justice for the crimes they have committed.



Ja'vel stepped out into the street, the rain was gentle, yet strong enough to make his eyes flicker, he pulled the hood of the raincoat over his head.  The third eye, that had been hidden on his forehead opened, shining light blue. His empathic powers had felt the energies of an unusual presence.

As he turned he saw a man leaning against a streetlamp, before Ja'vel could nod a hello the man he felt yet another presence, this time more foreboding. He glanced around yet couldn't see anyone else.

With only one street light giving out light Ja'vel rummaged in his bag and pulled out a small flashlight, with a nervous click it sprang to life. A quick moving shadow crept along the floor towards him.

It became clear, the foreboding energy he'd picked up on belonged to the, “Vashta Nerada” he murmured. Looking back to the man under the street light, who was now waving at him and beckoning him with his hands.

His flashlight began to buzz and the light dimmed, Ja'vel began to panic. He shook the flashlight furiously, a small green light shone in the distance and an odd buzzing sound followed, the flashlight lit up once more.

He took off running towards the man under the streetlight and just as he did he fell onto the man and they were instantly in what seemed to be a control room of a big blue box.
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Ja'vel Of The Sh'al. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ja'vel Of The Sh'al.   Ja'vel Of The Sh'al. I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2015 5:23 pm

Ooh, I like this one! However, in your RP sample, it looks like you've god modded; if you don't know what that means already, god modding is taking control of a character other than your own, such as how you made the Doctor use his sonic screwdriver.

Other than that however, I can't find anything that needs to be fixed! Welcome to the site, by the way, I hope you'll love it here Very Happy

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Ja'vel Of The Sh'al.
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