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 The Adventures Of The 1st Archer ~ The End Of Days

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PostSubject: The Adventures Of The 1st Archer ~ The End Of Days   Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:23 pm

The Adventures of The 1st Archer ~ End Of An Era

First a bit of "Editor's Notes" if you will, this set of 13 stories is all set directly after the time war. They are all also based on scripts written by me and a friend about The Archer, The Saviour, Melissa & Jake. This episode will be classed as a backstory, but the rest will go under fanfiction. Also, I encourage feedback to be left after the end of each "Episode." Ta!

Prologue: The Beginning Of The End

Once in a constellation of stars safely centered at the helm of creation, there was a planet that stood above all others. A planet inhabited by a race of supreme beings who were the lords of space and time. They engineered and discovered such outstanding technological advancements such as time travel, harnessing a dying star in a permanent state of decay, and even their evolution fell in such perfect harmony that their bodies developed regeneration of their own cells when damaged. These were the perfect species, so why did they fall?

In another corner of creation stood a species so ruthless, so powerful, so feared that their own form would cause them to go insane. They killed their own creator on more than one occasion, whether it be due to spite or due to his supposed incompetence, they did not fear life without their "God." They were a race known as The Daleks. They had been stripped of love, pity, compassion, joy, regret, guilt, sadness. They had lost all emotion except for hate and there was nothing that could stop them. Not even the Time lords.

In the years gone by, the two had fought a countless number of times but none like this. The Last Great Time War was about to begin.
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The Adventures Of The 1st Archer ~ The End Of Days
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