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 The Rech of Kaurach

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PostSubject: The Rech of Kaurach   Mon May 09, 2016 3:55 pm

The Rech

Appearance: Humanoid with pink or reddish skin and scalloped ears; a select few have little ridges above their eyebrows due to their evolutionary origins, but most do not.

Attitude: On the outside, Rech seem like humans, with all the same good and bad attributes. However, they tend to be much more conservative than humans, as well as defensive and prejudiced to races that aren't their own.

Technology: Rech technology is superior in some ways and lacking in others when compared to current day humans. For one, their energy shielding and laser guns are of high demand in the galaxy. However, domestic things such as microwaves and color TV were never invented, although the Rech gladly obtain some of that tech from trading with other races.

Backstory: The Rech evolved from what they call the 'common race', a mammal with a lion-like tail, monkey-like appendages, fins, and a ridge-lined face that looks like an iguana's. Another race also evolved from the common race, the Kuris, who can be equated to mammalian dragons. Throughout history, the Rech and Kuris have competed for survival, from the early days of both races to the frequent invasions and wars of current times. This drive to compete have provided both races with incredible drive to make weapons and defense systems, which are the most advanced type of tech both races possess. However, the Rech have historically had an upper hand in the ongoing fight, which provides them with more of a closed view on the world compared to the Kuris, who are compassionate and liberal.

Present: Today, although the Kuris and Rech do not get along very well, the races have found a way to balance and live on the same planet as the other. The Rech tend to stay in close proximity to their planet, although it is not uncommon for a Rech  and Kuri to become friends/lovers and leave the galactic area for good in fear of prosecution.
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PostSubject: Re: The Rech of Kaurach   Mon May 09, 2016 5:18 pm

Aaaaaaaaay approved

Also pls make the Kuri too :0

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The Rech of Kaurach
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