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 The Kuri of Kaurach

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PostSubject: The Kuri of Kaurach   Mon May 09, 2016 5:50 pm

The Kuri

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Appearance: The Kuri are mammalian, dragon-like creatures about the size of a horse or cow. They have long necks, decorated tails, multicolored fur, claws, and tan, worm-like bellies. They can walk both on 2 feet or all 4s.

Attitude: Despite their beast-like appearances, Kuris are very human-like. They form strong relationships with one another and equally strong rivalries, although rivalry in their culture can be another faucet of friendship. They are liberal, open-minded, and adventurous, although few have the chance to make it off planet due to the high price of space travel.
The Kuri are also psychic, which plays a large role in their culture. They use totems to "house their spirits", both in life and in death. Totems are given typical dragon-like wings even though the Kuris themselves possess none; it is a symbol of ascension for when a Kuri dies.

Technology: The Kuris are experts with weapons and defense, honed through years of conflict of the other race inhabiting Kaurach, the Rech. However, Kuri tech tends to be a little more crude than Rech tech, due to larger hands/claws.
The Kuri are also experts at mining, as they live in the mineral rich vallies, mountains, and caves of Kaurach.

Backstory: The Kuri evolved from what they call the 'common race', a mammal with a lion-like tail, monkey-like appendages, fins, and a ridge-lined face that looks like an iguana's. Another race also evolved from the common race, the Rech, a humanoid species. Throughout history, the Rech and Kuri have competed for survival, from the early days of both races to the frequent invasions and wars of current times. This drive to compete have provided both races with incredible drive to make weapons and defense systems, which are the most advanced type of tech both races possess. However, the Rech have historically had an upper hand in the ongoing fight, which provides them with more of a closed view on the world compared to the Kuris, who are compassionate and liberal.

Present: Today, although the Kuris and Rech do not get along very well, the races have found a way to balance and live on the same planet as the other. Kuris tend to be poor and unable to afford to move off planet, although it is not uncommon for a Rech  and Kuri to become friends/lovers and leave the galactic area for good in fear of prosecution.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kuri of Kaurach   Mon May 09, 2016 5:56 pm

Ok I forgive the literal copy pasting because they're so closely related and it actually does apply to both races so

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The Kuri of Kaurach
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