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 Official Fish Lady (TM) Maro

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PostSubject: Official Fish Lady (TM) Maro   Official Fish Lady (TM) Maro I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2016 10:29 pm

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Species: Syreni
Age: 64 (About 22? In Human equivalence)
Gender: Female
Occupation: N/A (Syreni don't have jobs)
Status: Explorer? Crafter? Not super applicable to Syreni

Hair: White and midlength
Eyes: Black. Straight up black irises.
Height: Somewhere around 6'
Figure: Pear shaped, I guess. 
Other: None
Clothing: Her mother made a sort top out of old pirates' clothing. At that point, she'd become mildly skilled in sewing, with the plantlife and hoard materials they had. It's held up for a long time.

Family: Mom, Nix, and a dad somewhere, she assumes. No siblings - her parents weren't very interested after their first go.
Personality: As Syreni are, she's logical and pretty ignorant of her emotions. She's far more interested in completing her interests than holding up social relationships. She's particularly curious, and fairly determined. She doesn't just give up when something doesn't work - she wants to find out why and fix it.  
Strengths: Her determination and legs (rather than a tail) are usually pretty handy. Her hoard is fairly large, too, being near an area where ships frequent. Her parents had quite a hand in that, though. Her dad specifically - he's probably dead, but she doesn't know or care. She just knows she has some of his treasures. 
Weakness: Sometimes her determination combined with her curiosity leads to stubbornness and that can get her in trouble. It's also her willingness to try new things that can make her too trusting.
Likes: She's interested in finding new ways to display her hoard and finding what each object does. She likes getting close to ships to see what the humans do with their objects. She also likes trying to make new things out of what she's got. 
Dislikes: While human stuff is interesting, she thinks humans are silly and annoying. She's also not fond of when other Syreni get too close to her hoard. That'll lead them straight into a fight. Which she may or may not win - she doesn't play fair.
Dream: Maro wants to create one, huge, concise machine out of all the objects she has hoarded. Every single one. 

History: Maro, as a Syreni, doesn't have a history of much importance. The only parent she has memory of is her mother. She taught her how to survive and how to grow her hoard, and that was it. She was gone. Maro's been on her own since she was about 12. She's met other Syreni here and there, but was mostly just wary of them stealing her treasures. After a few horrid encounters that left her more than a little wounded, she started coming up with defenses for her hoard for when she wasn't around to fight for it. It was there she started getting interested in machines and things that could work by themselves. She has a good few things going, but they're independent from each other and she has to start them all up separately from one another. That's why she's starting to try to combine them. So far, shes got nets and traps set up around a cave - inside of which are several projectile launchers - something she hasn't quite perfected yet. She's also started trying to create machines for entertainment - some sculptures that just looked neat, and a few that can help weave plants into patterns. Things that are mildly useful, but mostly just cool, in her opinion. 
And that's all that matters, right?

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PostSubject: Re: Official Fish Lady (TM) Maro   Official Fish Lady (TM) Maro I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2016 10:41 pm

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Official Fish Lady (TM) Maro
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