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 Akvo the Syreni

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PostSubject: Akvo the Syreni   Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:33 pm

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Species: Syreni
Age: 82
Gender: male
Occupation: treasure hoarder and survivor
Status: Akvo is a fairly average deep-sea Syreni when it comes to status, aka hoards; little to nothing in hoards, with the little gold in the deep gained from the occasional swim into shore Syreni territory.
However, Akvo hates warm water, so he rarely tries to do this. Instead, he takes down large, usually colorful or glowing deep-sea creatures such as squids and uses those as his "horde", even if it is not the usual kind. His poweress in taking the creatures down gains him respect from his peers, but they still think he is odd and will never get anywhere in life due to his low accumulation of gold or other useful items.

Hair: long, white
Eyes: pale blue
Height: if he was a normal human, Akvo would probably be around 6 feet, but with his tail (which is longer than most human legs are), he is currently a little under 9 feet "tall"
Figure: a fishy one
Other: purple skin, mixed greyscale fins, scale patterning across the face, and large (yet tattered) fins.
Clothing: N/A

Family: Akvo, obviously, has a mother and a father. However, he never got along with them very well. His older sister, a firey ball of territorialness, drove Akvo and some of his other siblings away in fear of them inheriting their (slightly older than most and soon to die) mother's horde. He communicated with some of his siblings on a few occasions, but after so many times of them snatching gold pieces here and there, Akvo stroke out alone and decided to not give his "family" a second thought.
Personality: Loner. I guess??
Strengths: Akvo is physically strong and fast, enough to take down a full grown squid. He also isn't affected by "vulnerable" things like emotions; he may get angry, or sad, or scared, but he maintains a cool head throughout.
Weakness: Akvo's detachment can sometimes be a liability when trying to garner help from others, since they tend to avoid him due to his lack of empathy. He also, surprise surprise, can't walk out of water. Additionally, he hates warm water, which isn't quite a weakness but a barrier to getting some things done he should.
Likes: Swimming fast, late nights hunting, sleeping, sand (it's comfy)
Dislikes: Others (generally speaking), his family, warm water, shallow water, displays of emotion, land
Dream: Akvo doesn't really want much from life. He wants to just stay in colder waters, not have to interact with others very much, and overall just mind his own business. However, he has dreamt of a day where his horde would finally be acknowledged as just as good if not even better than gold or treasure hordes.
History: Loooook at family

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PostSubject: Re: Akvo the Syreni   Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:36 pm

I like him. Approved.

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Akvo the Syreni
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