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PostSubject: Strawberry   Strawberry I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 10:37 pm

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Character Name
She goes by Strawberry, since she can't remember her real name. (She came to be called Strawberry because the first person she met after losing her memory decided it fit her really well, because her hair is red like a strawberry, her eyes green like the leaves, and her freckles are a bit like the seeds on it. Also, he stated that her personality was a little sweet but also tart(in a good way) like a strawberry.)

Species: Human
From: She's from the Planet Nurduar, and lives in the Tebrien empire, currently living in the country of Abriyonil
Age: around 16
Gender: female
Occupation: thief
Status: noble, technically, but she doesn't know it. She's currently a homeless fugitive

Hair: red
Eyes: green
Height: 4'11"
Figure: slim and sort of wiry, small built, stronger than she appears.
Other: She often disguises herself as a young boy, by hiding her hair up in a cap and binding her chest, and because of her small build and short stature, she can sometimes be mistaken for a girl or boy of around 10-12 years old
Clothing: She always wears boy's clothing, and sometimes pieces of armor if she can find it to fit. (Dresses are her worst enemy and she never wears those..)

Family: Her Father was named Halbert, and was a councilman. Her mother was a beautiful lady named Amelina. She had an older brother named Reilly, who had recently joined the Imperial Legion, and was 4-5 years older than her, and an older sister named Alyssa who was 2-3 years older. They are all deceased now.

Personality: Usually sarcastic, and sometimes teasing. She is also stubborn and rarely ever gives up. At times she's serious and can seem grim and melancholy, but whenever she doesn't have to be serious, she likes to have fun and in doing so, may tend to come off as silly or immature, perhaps even a little dumb. But if you see her in a situation that calls for it, you'll see that she's actually pretty smart, and may show that she has wisdom beyond her years and is actually more responsible than people might think.

She likes jewels and shiny things, sometimes has a hard time resisting the urge to swipe these things. She doesn't really have much time for hobbies or anything, and she can't read, but she has a way of getting into trouble, and for what few friends she has, she would do anything to help them. She is very fiercely loyal and has a lot of determination and inner strength but also tends to be stubborn to a fault, and can be touchy about some things, and also wonders if she has a family, and where they are.

Strengths: She is fiercely loyal and stubborn, she is very good at fighting with knives and without weapons, she is extremely good at stealth and picking both locks and pockets, she is also very good at getting into troublesome situations by accident, but also at getting out of them by herself.
Weakness: very stubborn to the point of annoyance to others, she can't read(is dyslexic but doesn't know it), She likes jewels and shiny things and instinctively wants to steal them when she sees them, she is unnaturally good at breaking things(appliances, watch out!)
Likes: pretty or shiny things like jewels, being outside, knives, apples
Dislikes: dungeons, guards, rats(both living and she hates the meat), feeling trapped
Dream: Her dream is to find her family, but what keeps her going is that she feels like she has a mission to prevent the enemies from getting the cylinder thing she carries.

Weapons: She carries knives and is quite good with them. Also uses a fighting style known as Aikido, mostly when fighting unarmed.

Skills: Her mother attempted to teach her cooking and sewing skills but she was always sneaking out the door the second her mother wasn't looking, so she has very minimal knowledge in these things, although she has gained a lot more knowledge on cooking since being out on her own, mostly campfire cooking though. She also has learned skills on camping/surviving in the wild.
She is very good at sleight of hand, moving undetected, hiding, picking locks, etc. Also good at breaking things by accident and unintentionally finding trouble.

History: She woke up one day with no idea who she was or where she came from or what had happened to her. She was injured, with a gash on her forehead, and she had a strange gem in her hand. She found refuge in a nearby barn, where a boy bandaged her wound and gave her the name Strawberry. Some men came after her, and she ran from them, but when she got cornered she was forced to fight them and found that she was actually quite good at it. She discovered that she's really good at fighting both with knives, and without any weapons. She is also really good at stealth and sleight of hand, and steals to survive. She will not, however, offer her skills up for hire.

A little over a year later, she was in the house of some rich important person, doing the burglar thing, and had to quickly hide in the closet when someone entered the room. She saw a lady, not much older than herself, come in. She thought the lady looked sad, and she also couldn't help feeling like she had seen her before. As she watched, a man came in and there was a short argument between the two, who were husband and wife. The wife threatened to reveal some secret about him, and then, Strawberry was shocked to see the man grab a dagger and murder his wife. So stunned was she that she took a step back, and bumped into something within the closet. The man heard her, and grabbed her, and after dragging her out into view of the guards, accused her of murdering his wife, who, according to him, must have caught her robbing their home. Strawberry ended up in a dungeon, where the man came to see her, and demanded the cylinder from her. He offered a deal, to let her go free with her name cleared in exchange for the cylinder, but she refused because she had a feeling that there was a very good reason why he should not get it, and was glad that she had left it someplace safe and hidden.

After a few weeks she managed to escape from the dungeon, and went to retrieve the cylinder for safe keeping, because she didn't like leaving it so long without being sure that it was safe. She has been hunted ever since, and the bounty for her brought in alive has gone up to an absurd amount. Months later, she is still running from the guy, and keeping the cylinder safe. She travels by foot, all around the land of Abriyonil. She has to be careful entering towns, because she is wanted just about everywhere in the Empire. Most towns have a poster about her everywhere, some with drawings of her, so when she goes into a town she has to be disguised and be careful not to let people see her well enough to recognize her. So she mostly lives in the wild, sleeping under the stars or in caves when she can find a safe one, and fighting bandits and goblins and whatever she comes across that attacks her, all the while keeping the cylinder a secret.

(What she can't remember...)
Strawberry was born in a little known family of nobility who lived in Astroevania, near the mountains close to the border between Astroevania and Abriyonil. Her name is actually Moira Veranis, and as a child she was always running around outside, looking for adventure and usually getting in trouble. She has a habit of accidentally breaking things, usually due to being too curious or excited. She had an older brother and an older sister, and was close with her sister Alyssa. Often, her mother would try to teach them sewing and cooking and other things a lady ought to know, but Moira was too impatient to bother with those things and often talked her sister into running off outside to play and have adventures. Still, her sister didn't always play with her and did learn what their mother wanted to teach them, as well as reading. Moira had little patience for that, and never learned to read. But this is also due to her having trouble learning the letters, due to having dyslexia, which no one has ever heard of yet, on this planet.

One day when she was around 14, she was off having one of her fun adventures, and wandered into a cave to explore it. While she was in there, by chance she overheard some people talking, and heard plans of an upcoming battle. Someone had a staff of great power which could open up portals to bring all manner of evil monster things to the spot, from the terrible realm Omyth, which was ruled by the evil god Vulzal, and she realized these people were supporters of Vulzal and that they must be stopped somehow. She waited for an opportunity, then tried to steal the staff, but she couldn't get it so instead she stole a metal cylinder thing that was nestled in the head of the staff, having heard them talking about that being something that somehow powered the staff to make it able to open up the portal thing. What she doesn't know is that it is a crystal full of power/energy which is hidden inside of a seamless metal shell. When she grabbed it, one of the guys saw her, she was forced to run. He chased her, but she eventually got away from them.

When she got home, she didn't know how to tell her family about it because she didn't want to get in trouble for being off in the mountains when she wasn't supposed to be. So she kept quiet and hoped that maybe nothing would come of it other than ruining the bad guys' plans. But a few days later, a young man came from Abriyonil, who was hoping to arrange a marriage between himself and one of the daughters of Moira's father, more specifically the older daughter. But when he was introduced to the two girls, Moira immediately recognized him as one of the men from the cave, the one who had chased her, and he recognized her as well. He quickly told her father he'd rather marry her, but Moira begged to talk to her father in private. When he didn't want to listen to her, she finally just told him what she knew about the man, without going somewhere private. The man was angered and there was a fight which resulted in Moira, her parents, and her older siblings all being captured and taken somewhere where they were held captive. The man demanded to know where the cylinder was, but she refused to tell him, so he had her family members tortured while she was forced to watch, but having talked with her family after being captured, they had all agreed that she should not tell them.

After seeing them all die, and being tortured a little herself, Moira managed to escape, and went back to retrieve the cylinder from where she had hidden it so that she could better keep it from being found. She was almost caught again, and fought off the men attacking her but in the process took a blow to the head, and fell into a nearby river. When she woke up, she had no memory of who she was, where she had come from, or what had happened to her. All she knew was that there were people after her, and she had a strange cylinder that she must not let them get their hands on...
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