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 N'aeght F'reyir

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PostSubject: N'aeght F'reyir   N'aeght F'reyir I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2016 8:27 pm

Name: N'aeght F'reyir- (Night- is what she usually goes by.)
Species: Alien;; H'carth
Age: 453
Gender: Identifies as they/them, she/her.
Occupation: Not set; whatever she feels like being, because she does what she wants, even if it gets her in deep financial troubles
Status: Usually poor; honestly. Spends all her money on alcohol and other luxuries she doesn't have the money for.

Hair: Black, loose, always, always covering her neck tattoo.

Eyes: Green, with dilating pupils.
Height: 6"5'
Figure:  Slender, fit, scarred, inhuman. Bones protrude out of her body more than it would with a normal person.
Other: She has a few X shaped scars on her body, all resulting from whips. She usually covers her face with gobs of makeup (even an eyepatch, on occasion) because she despises these skin imperfections so much. These are the result of many years worth of lashing from her prison guards on the slave harboring ship she’d been aboard. These are accompanied with self harm scars which she will always wear gloves to cover these, and feels naked when she isn’t wearing any.
Clothing: Anything comfortable; loose, allows mobility.

Family: An adopted human daughter; Eris. (dead)
Personality: Night is rather good at planning; after all, her job relies on it, though it seems like the only thing she’s good at doing is using her strength. She isn’t incredibly strong, either, though. She just familiarizes herself with the being she’s hunting’s weak points and such, and works from there. When she’s upset, her decisions become sporadic, and badly thought out. She doesn’t work too good under pressure, so there leaves little points in time where she can think properly. She’s a psychopath, that of whom sees killing as a drug, but, she has her limits.

She absolutely refuses to willingly kill children specifically. But aside from that, she won’t stop. Her main source of food is human meat, as she is mostly carnivorous, and small predators aren’t enough for her, although she enjoys other foods, such as sweets. Her hate for humans isn’t the only hatred she bears, it just happens to be the race she despises the most of taking her daughter away from her. That, and she just happens to think they taste better than most. When questioned on the subject of eating humans, she compares it to how a wolf would kill a rabbit, as does the rabbit not have thoughts? There isn’t a difference between living things.

In a nutshell, she’s increasingly sadistic, and sarcastic, and gets offended very easily. She lives in her ship with the AI, a mind of it’s own, which tends to abandon her owner quite a lot. Night loves her weapons, but she tends to loose them quite a lot, as it usually is on the ship, which leaves her due to the rebellious AI, far too often. So she generally sticks with a sharp knife, or other simple weapons, though she will under no circumstances use a gun. She works as a bounty hunter most of the time, taking on jobs of her choice, and though one might think this is a mostly violent job, half of her tasks aren’t at all related to violence, and require her to force some kind of charisma from the pit of her stomachs.

Strengths: Cunning; Intelligent; Manipulative; Knowledgeable
Weakness: Sadistic; Unstable; Impulsive; Anger Prone.
Likes: Children, Dark Topics; Money; Alcohol.
Dislikes: Optimists, People she is unable to harm, Emotionless people, Romantic relationships, overly laid back people- the list goes on.
Dream: Honestly, she just wants to be happy, but that will never happen.


Born on the planet Quades, Night was daughter of a governor {Deceased} in the small province of Felis. She is a H'carth, and was born in a well-to-do family, and was happy for most of her life on the planet; until her planet was taken hold of by another species, bent on conquering the galaxy in order to have more workmen and women in their forces. She was seven at this point in time, when she was taken aboard a soldier ship. She was forcefully trained as a soldier, to fight for entertainment, and soon she became worthy of breeding. Of course, Night, at this time still lacked the ability to speak, read or do basic things, but the ruckus, and the male in the room, scared her. In fact she couldn’t be bred- but there was a large misunderstanding that she could be. She was made unable to have children when she was a teenager imprisoned on the ship.

On the day of her supposed breeding, Night, in a fit of fear, simply cracked, taking a scout vehicle and weapon, escaping but she lacked the correct knowledge to fly the craft. She ended up crashing the plane into 1700s England, losing a very large portion of her memory. And so, she was found, unconscious, and took dwelling in the town she was brought to for quite some time.

Fast forwarding, about 200 years later; Night had found her ship, and had murdered her host family in a fit of rage, after finding out that she wasn’t even their biological daughter. But, she was now accustomed to killing at this point, Night killed everyone. No discrimination, that is, until she killed a human mother. She was planning on killing the screaming infant that she had just made an orphan, but couldn’t bring herself to. It was too, helpless. So, she took it home. After she kept telling herself that she would drop it off an an orphanage, she finally gave up, and decided to raise it on her own. She compared raising a child, to having a pet. Oh, how wrong she was. Though it was much harder than she anticipated, only now did she truly experience happiness. She soon realized she adored children, and, she wasn’t a horrid mother herself, after doing extensive research on how to raise a youth. Years passed, and she had become completely enveloped in her young daughter’s life. She had renamed her (after all, she didn’t know her original name in the first place) , and cared for her as if she had given birth to her herself. That is, of course, until someone killed her daughter. This drove her past the breaking point and more, and made her retract back into her old habits; made her alcoholism and already potent insomnia worse, and more. The main verse takes place 20 years from now. 20 years isn’t that long to her; so she’s still sensitive on the subject, and will rarely bring it up in a conversation. She denies the existence of her daughter; or anything pertaining to her.
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N'aeght F'reyir
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