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 Rhydian's Devices

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Rhydian Martis

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PostSubject: Rhydian's Devices   Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:43 am

Name: Multi Spanner

Technical name: Vortex Manipulator/Sonic Probe.

Abilities: Rhydian’s Multi Spanner can manipulate the time vortex as is any standard Vortex manipulator given to Time Agents during the 49th-51st century. The vortex manipulator, as you all know, give Rhydian the ability to travel anywhere through time and space (apart from obvious barriers like a Time Lock). The Vortex Manipulator is adjustable with Isomorphic controls and a psychic link (as the Eleventh Doctor’s Screwdriver functions: point and think). Sometime during Rhydian's trek across time and space, he found the time to attach a top-notch high quality signal jammer and residue cover, implementing it on the vortex so any residue left by his travels would be masked to a certain extent, enough to fool any casual Judoon going for a routine maintenance check of a planet.

The Vortex manipulator, being the main function of the Multi-Spanner, takes up the main body of the spanner-shaped device, while a small Sonic Probe is integrated on the top of the spanner, in the handle. The Sonic probe is a miniature version of a fully-functional one, so it has some limitations, such as:

-Not being able to run more than seven and a half calculations at a time.

-Unable to process calculations which would take more than three weeks to complete.

-Cannot scan objects below a microscopic level (can analyse a material the object is made from, but not how the atoms are arranged, how many there are etc. So nothing on the atomic level.)

-Cannot detect anything that is out of reach (usually, it’s limited to a ten kilometre radius, but it can vary due to how strong a signal the detect-ee is.)

-Only one emitter cluster.

-Battery has to recharge on average every fifty-five days (As opposed to the Doctor’s screwdriver which never has to be recharged) which also can vary depending on use.

-If the Vortex Manipulator fails, then the Sonic Probe is taken with it, and vice versa.

The sonic probe and the Vortex Manipulator are both Isomorphic, which limits the activation only to Rhydian and his family/relatives (explains why he was able to access the device in the first place, as the Multi-Spanner was originally his father’s).


The Multi-Spanner is a standard-grade Vortex Manipulator given to all Time Agents during the 49th-51st centuries, in the form of different objects. This one happened to be a Spanner, given to James Martis, Rhydian’s father, who Rhydian obtained after his father’s death. The Manipulator also doubles up as a sonic probe, where a miniature sonic device has been attached/integrated onto the top and into the circuitry, thanks to James. The device was used by the late time agent, who died in the 21st century. The Multi-Spanner was stored out of reach until James’s son got a hold of it.

The device is a spanner-shaped object, with a silver finish. On the claws of the spanner, the vortex energy cells are shown. On the body/handle of the spanner, there are various tubes and red fabric used to get a better grip on the device, underneath being a heating vent and backup power cells as the tube travels inward.. On the the top of the backup power cells lies a small Sonic Probe which is also varnished with silver and held by white and blue tethers.


Name: Info-Pad.

Technical Name: Time Agency-Grade Information Data-Bank Portable Version 7.99.Apricot.

Abilities: The Info-Pad has remote access to all databanks of the Time Agency before it was shut down, able to tap in and display information on species, planets, ships, significant people, insignificant people and more. It can:

-Scan species and identify them in the databanks’ parameters.

-Access Inter-Vortex connection, and tap into the Time Agency’s data banks.

-Able to translate certain languages.

-Can act as a torch.

-Search items in certain languages.

It is limited to the unknown species/objects to the Time Agency (which is very little, as the Time Agency was a large organisation which spanned across the Human Empire and even further, through both time and space. It is Isomorphic, pairing with the Multi-Spanner.

Some drawbacks include the Inter-vortex signal getting weaker and weaker as the Info-Pad gets further and further back in time or forward in time, and it is not the strongest piece of equipment.


The Info-Pad is a standard-grade Time Agency Information Data-Bank Portable Version 7.99.Apricot model that was given out to all Time Agents including Rhydian’s father, James. This was left on Earth after he died. Rhydian eventually discovered it and took it with him on his adventures in time and space for its boundless knowledge on the farthest corners of the universe.

The Info-Pad is a basic-looking rectangular black pad about six inches in diameter, sliding into Rhydian’s coat pocket. It is activated with Isomorphic controls on the back of the pad.


Name: Time Injector.

Technical Name: Time Injector Mark 7.89

Abilities: The Time Injector, when used on an opponent by stabbing them in the flesh, causes them to seize up and completely stop, both in time and in space. When used, the device injects a chronogen serum into the target. Some drawbacks include:

- The freeze effect on the target only lasts for exactly seven minutes and thirty-three seconds, no more, no less.

- Close-quarters combat is required to actually effect the target.

- The chronogen serum is highly concentrated of a Class-II Time Catalyser, which, on contact with anything but the Time Injector and organic matter, will make the material become out-of-sync with the current time, leaving the time exposed to possible paradoxes and rifts that tear the fabric of the continuum apart.

- It (or more accurately, the serum) was deemed illegal by the Shadow Proclamation, meaning if he got caught by any authoritative figure, would most likely end up with a lifetime of jail.

- Rhydian only has five shots. Only five. That's how much is left of the stuff.


The Time Injector contains a serum called Chronogen, developed by the Time Lords, yet kept in complete security until the Daleks got a hold of it. Then the Cybermen. Then the Sontarans. Then the Time Agency, where it was stolen by a human fugitive, one of which Rhydian happened to apprehend and turn in while he was passing by. He kept the serum and injector to himself, however. It could turn out to be useful.

The Time Injector is a long, silver tube with a black criss-cross patterned handle running down on an angle from the tube, with green fluid running through it. On the emitter is a thin, silver needle which is, evidently, used to pierce opponents' skin. It is very, very tiny and can fit into one's pocket with ease, only being around less than fifteen centimeters in diameter.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhydian's Devices   Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:58 pm

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Rhydian's Devices
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