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 (( Not Quite )) Midnight Snack ((Open RP!))

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Night Pyre

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PostSubject: (( Not Quite )) Midnight Snack ((Open RP!))   Sat Nov 05, 2016 7:44 pm

To breathe with ease, without stress, or the weight of past mistakes upon one’s shoulders was a pleasure unbeknownst to Night. Chest tightened and felt as if it were being stabbed with a knife every time she inhaled. -It was becoming dark; as she was predominantly nocturnal, and felt much more comfortable in times such as these; in which silence drapes over a land like a snug blanket, the soft chirps of birds and crickets being the only things that break the silence. It was moments like these that made her appreciate the little things in her life; the peace, and the rare quiet obtained at that moment.

Gloved hands fiddled with a small blade, lips pressed into a thin line. As foot hit pavement, gravel had continued to crunch under her boot, and the more she seemed to veer off the path, the more she found that she didn’t care where she was going. Her stomach’s grumbling notified her of the hunger that of which she ignored, and she supposed that it would be best to hunt down something to eat; though, she had no idea where she was, but she figured that she had, indeed, walked some ways away from her ship.

Breath turned to vapor, as she brought hands up to her mouth as to warm them. Frostbite continued to relentlessly nip at her skin, making it seem more blue than it had before. Green hues wandered around the area, looking for a quick snack for her power walk back home, before locking on to a particular being. She sauntered behind the person in question, gloved fingers sliding across the other’s shoulder, a smidge of her fangs open to the public for show.


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Rhydian Martis

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PostSubject: Re: (( Not Quite )) Midnight Snack ((Open RP!))   Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:54 am

Tired, cold, but not particularly hungry, Rhydian Martis found himself wearing a patchy film of leaves and moss as he trekked through the green foliage, walking parallel to the path he was once on. Keeping an eye out for the special plant he went out of his way to search for on this planet, Rhydian noticed it wa getting dark, the sun only being a blotched-out orange ball low in the sky, casting a purple-ish hue above him.

Wiping the sweat of the brow with the back of his sleeve, Rhydian kept an eye out despite the uncooperative lighting conditions. He kept his Multi-Spanner firmly grasped in his hand; he had no idea what sort of deadly animals he could possibly run into, and a quick escape would be favourable. He brought his hand up to his face once again to rub his eyes. Fatigue was finally starting to settle in.

While walking through the green undercanopy, something caught Rhydian's eye. A small, purple plant, with a yellow bud in the middle, standing out like a sore thumb in the green foliage. Exactly what he was looking for.

"Bingo." Rhydian said under his breath, marching his way towards his well-deserved prize with an elated but exhausted look on his face. This plant was a necessity to something that wasn't. Really, the concoction he was trying to put together was frivolous and voluntary at best. It was for a friend back at home, and for an insignificant purpose. Rhydian just liked to help out.

Just before Rhydian went to bend down and pluck the plant from its roots, he stopped, rigid when a hand of fingers slid across his shoulder in a smooth yet oh-so menacing manner. And to tie it all up in an 'I'm-going-to-kill-you' bundle, a suave but menacing 'Hello' ringed in his ears.

"You wouldn't kill an innocent little child, would you?"
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(( Not Quite )) Midnight Snack ((Open RP!))
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