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 Nancy Pepin

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Nancy "Care" Pepin

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PostSubject: Nancy Pepin   Nancy Pepin I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2016 1:38 pm

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Nancy Pepin

Species: Human (modified)
Age:  25
Gender:  Women
Occupation:  Special care counseling, Red cross Volounteer, Adventurer
Status:  No real status, but one of many descendant from Charlemagne

Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Bleu
Height: 5'3"
Figure: She is muscular and lean, but not skinny. Her face is avenant, plain, with freckles as most redhair. She isn't remarquable on a whole but her eyes and hair make her stand out. Her blue eyes are piercing, gentle and very intelligent.
Other: None
Clothing: It depens on her mood, but most of the time, either a black leather jacket, some red or white top, and jeans. Sometimes she traid her leather jacket for a brown leather trenchcoat.

Family: Her father is a paramedic in Quebec, her mother is a school teacher. She as a younguer sister and had for two years a foster brother to whom she is still close.
Personality: She as a complex personality, made of layers of protection against the pain and rejection. But what would describe her best is caring. She is one of those people who can't stop themselves from helping those in need. Some call it the Mother Theresa syndrome. She hates violence, even if she does agree that sometimes it's inevitable. She has grown into believing, thought, that not everyone can be save and it's always better to teach someone how to fish, then give them the food. She is fiercely loyal in her friendship, and perhaps too much passionate in her love. She was often used because of it, and most of her love stories ended up badly and in abuses. She vowed to herself that she would have that never again. She cares for everyone almost as a mother would, sometimes even to the detriment of her health or well being. She live for her passions, art, adventure, magic and Karate.
Strengths: Fiercely Loyal, she has the courage of those who have little to lose. She throw herself into life and live every bit of it. She is very caring, her empathy is psychic and she use it to help others. She is also very intelligent. She isn't a champion in Karate, but it keep her well in shape and had sharpened her reflexes over the years. She can also choose to access the energy, the magic, she wield to either predict (even if not preciselly have a strong feeling) someone's near, and perhaps even far, future. Most of the time, she use wiccan rituals to help focus, or tarot cards.
Weakness: She is often blind to danger, prompt to impulsivity, and very forgetful of what is not interesting her. She has often a hard time to concentrate on things longs, exept if it interest her. Then she will be totally oblivious to the rest of the world. When she reads, the house could almost crumble on her and she might not notice. Her passion drives her sometimes to lack of sleep and food, and she has a hard time coping with the end of a project afterward. She is an "adrenaline" junckie and a bit of a emotionnal dependant. When she use her powers to do bigger magic, like healing people's mind, or reading without tarot card and far in the futur, she experiences very very strong migraine. Even when she doesn't overuse her power, she will suffer from time to time, every 3 or 4 months, one debilitating migraine that will leave her sick and helpless for almost 12 hours.
Likes: Fantasy or sci-fi, she devour those kind of book or series on TV. She even cosplay them form time to time, learned how to sew and create things for that. She loves arts, but she isn't a real artist, going from project to project often not even finishing them. She likes good heroes stories, and needs to feel the hero from time to time, ence why she joined the red cross. She love her works and the kids she care for.
Dislikes: What she hates the most is violence and bullying. Not the bullies mind you, she understand the deep pain they live, but she hate what they do. She will always step up to conter them and try her best to help everyone. She also hates endings, but she can't help herself but read or listen right to the end. She hates arguments, but will not shy from them anymore.
Dream: Helping others and fullfilling her destiny. Becoming worthy of all the gifts she was given.
History: All my life, I knew I was different, strange. Doctors say it's beacause I have ADHD, but I think there is more. It's probably partly beacause I can't help but be everyone's caretaker. I've always done it, with my sister, with people at school, with everyone in fact.

And most people come to me if they have a problem, or I find them. Like a moth is drawn to a flame. I've burned myself to that flame countless of times, helping people in need to see them go there way and leave me behind.

When I was a kid, it hurted me very much. I was impulsive and caring too much. I could feel other's emotions and I would let that hurt me. I would protect people, trwoing myself in front of physical blows as much as taking the intimidation to myself to spare those that couldn't burden it. I would tell bullies waht they did was wrong, I could tell and almost see their wounds as well, and it made me a target for rejection and assault. So everyone I helped ended up leaving me because they couldn't burden the intimidation and prejudice that was following me around.

So it all started like that, me helping time and again, even after betrayals, knowing it was still the right thing to do, still believing in the goodness of people. I was not completly alone, thanks to my loving parents. They didn't understood me well, but they did their best and I always knew they loved me.

So I grew up taking care of others in need, of outcast as well as defficient, autist and all those that needed someone. And the intimidation forged my character, forced me to build an armor around my psychic empathy.

When I was eight, in desperation for all the bruise and others I was receiving from others my patents made me take Karate lessons. If I hated violence, Ie loved the feeling of self-discipline, the feeling in the dojo and the physical exertion. So I continued it up unto this day. I don't take my belt often, I don't care for grades, I just like the feeling of doing it.

I also grew up in cahtolicism. My familly was going to the church every sunday, and all the important day as well. And I was a believer, oh yes, with all my heart. I prayed often, and most of the time not for me, but for others. And I felt like the univers, like God was answering me. All that because I always seemed to be in the right place, at the right time. I had a knack to feel waht was to come, I even had prophetic dreams and such. I could feel energy around me, I could see what other couldn't. I could dream of the past as well as the near futur. I coudl see thign that had happened to people even if they didn't told me. What was it if not a gift of God, or so I thaught.

They presented themselves as angel. They told me they weren't, but that in lack of a better word, that one would fit. I was fortheen at the time. I saw mostly one of them, a women, made of light, golden light, like she was radiant. She was neither young or old, but both at the same time. She started to train me in using my gift, in feeling the furtur, in trusting my instinct, and in protecting me as well as opening my psychic mind. I was not alone like myself she told me. There was others I would find someday. But I had first to meet people to thelp them grow, to teach them what she taught me. And sometimes, I would see into her, I would feel the furtur, all the possible through her, through them.

2 years passed, and I grew up. In the mean time, I had gone cross with the church and my believed was crushed by priest. None would accept I could see angles and I had made the mistake of telling them. Also, the church wasn't answering questions I stated to ask, and the new priest of the comunity would just tell me to believe and stop asking questions. So I turned myself to wicca. I met an other girl who called herself a witch, and that felt like a much better explanation to what I was or could be. And she had seen in me an aura that wasn't for everyone. The Seer, the Caretaker she would call me. And so in two year we created a small circle of friends around us, other humans with low psychic abilities or sensibilities. But even with them I felt the time was drawing neer were I would drift appart. They didn't need me anymore, i had taught them everything I could, and they couldn't understand the rest I knew and felt.

It was then that the choice was offered to me. The Lady, that I had nicknamed Mary when I was young, came to me to offer a destiny. She told me she with some of the other "angels" help had created me, that she had made me part of them, part human so I could see them, I could share with them, but interact with the human world. So I could help them, influence them, protect them and prepare them for wars to come. But she gave me a choice. I could remain only human, stay as I was and live my life. She could take away what made me special, and that would be the end of it.

Or I could embrace her legacy, become her heir, an agent of them on earth, but I would have to dedicate myself to others, to never have a complete life of my own. I would always be drawn to places, always find myself in the middle of things, but that it would enable me to help a lot, to prevent crisis before they happened. I would have a destiny, or I would have free will and be like everyone.

I took the time to think about it. All my childhood I only wanted to be normal, to be accepted. But I also had realised by now that no one was normal, there was no such things as normality. That this destiny wouldn't prevent me from feeling love, having friends and all. Yes, perhaps most of the time people would come and go in my life and I might never see them again, but who as that awsome chance of knowing they can make a differrence. Of feeling what a person can become and help it or not happen. How many knows that their life is meaningfull. So I accepted. At 16 I dedicated myself to this legacy.

The year after, I started CEGEP (equivalent of early university elsewhere then in Quebec) and I decided to become a special care counselor. That felt like the right thing to do. I wasn't accepted near home, so I tried elswhere. There was only two places left after the first choices were done, both were very far away, so I found myself to live for 3 years in the north of the Quebec. I loved it there even if it was far. As soon as I arrived, new friends cames to me, and I started over again. People were drawn to me and I taucht them as well as I learned from them. And then I had to return home again. One of my english ones started to nickname me Carebear because I couldn't refrain from helping all those in need, and even those that didn't knew they needed help. Then, from Carebear, it shortened to Care and it stuck. I must also admit I liked it, it felt like a aknoledgement of what I was, and of what I was doing for others.

And that is when my life really became weird. I remember a year that never existed. It's like it's a dream, a nightmare even, that never existed. A tyrant took control, forced people into camps. My parent just had taken one of my cousin in fostering ebcause his dad had ended up in prison and his mother was trying to cope with depression. We were lucky that my dad was a paramedic, he was an "Éssential" and so was I becose of my training. So we had some liberties. That is when I met a women name Martha. She told of the Doctor, and all he did for humanity. In my dream it felt real, I could feel the trught in her words. Like me, she was part of the rebellion, she tuaght people to believe, to pray all at the same time. And it work. To this day I still don't know if that is to come, or was a strange nightmare. i don't know what that means because only i can remember that year, but it felt so real. And I somehow missed it, the urgency, the helping others in crisis and all. So, I joined the red cross as a volountered and starting to help others after fires and other big crissi, spending my summers in other contries helping cope with big crissis.

And then I can also remember that everyone on the planet changed. They all became the same men that the Tyrant was. It happened years after, The day before, I had one of the very strong premonition. Something very bad was brewing. I felt the connection, the tention in the fabrique of the world. I couldn't explain, but I was afraid. I shouldn't go to work. So the next morning I called sick, and it's when everything happened. People changed, they became the Tyrant of my nighmares. I thaught I was going crazy. It lasted a few hours, and then no one could remember a thing again. By then, sadly, the angels had mostly stop to talk to me as they used to do. My guide, the woman wasn't coming anymore, but I still felt there presence around me, I could almost here it as a song, but they didn't offered explanations anymore. So I don't know why I can remember event that no one else can, or why I wasn't affected. Perhaps they protected me, it's how I feel it. But I also felt I changed that day, and I don't know how.

After that, well, and in between, there was all sotrs of aliens things and crissis. That was weird, mostly happening in Europe. I knew, felt it wasn't the end of it, that someday, i would be connecting to that. Like it was calling me there.

I,m 25 years old now, and it's time for me to move on. My job here is at an end. There is nothing more I can accomplish in Canada. Something is calling me in Brittain. I've always dreamed of seing the old circle of stones, the old castle, to visit those places. And I feel I must go there now. I have people that will, or does need my help.


This section is for you to show us your roleplaying skills. What is going to happen is you will read a standard problem for your character to react with. What we are looking for is a proper Roleplay reply, standard character, explaining what you would do in the situation.
Rules: Please make your response at least a six to nine sentance paragraph.
Please make your responses in 3rd person (ex: Sonya blinks her eyes.)
You need to explain your roleplay, use as many details as you possibly can to describe what you are doing and what is going on around you.

The Doctor is stuck under a flickering streetlamp, you are on the opposite side of the street. It's midnight, no moon or stars, the only lights around are the lamp the Doctor is under, and the light in front of a closed store you stand under.

The only way to the Doctor is to cross the dark street, easy, right? Wrong. This planet is well-known for being infested with Vashta Nerada. Any shadow anywhere could be infested with them. You have a small pack on your back with several items in it that you could use to get to him.
A carrot
The Doctor's Sonic screwdriver
A chicken leg
A flashlight
Book of matches
A rubber duck
a raincoat

Care had to reach the Doctor, but that wasn't easy. Not here, every shadow could be ready to devoure her, her only ally was the light. But the thing is... the only light right now was above her, and above the doctor who was across the street. She didn't had much on herself, but she had to find a way to cross safely.

*Think! Think!* she kept telling herself. Her mind was racing like a speed horse. She couldn't lie that she liked that trill, even when, and perhaps especially when, it was a life and death situation. It was like her mind was so clear, so focus.

There was a few things really not that useful in her backpack, like a rubberduck she had found laying on the ground. She didn't really knew why she had pick it up in fact, but well, no one really knew what could prove usefull when one travelled with the Doctor. The carrot she had for her later snack wouldn't be usefull yet either.

There was the toch, but would it suffice? As soon as she was out of reach from the light, the torch wouldn't be enough to keep her completly ingulfed in light. But at least it was a start.  Oh, and she had the screwdriver of the doctor, it wasn't in is habit to lend it to an almost stranger of course, but while he was trying to flee the shadows he had let it drop and she had taken it. She wasn't sure if she really could use it, but perhaps it would be enough to boost the signal. Yes, that might work.

Care turned away from the Doctor a moment and started to climb the store facade to reach the lamp that was lighing her. It was a good thing they had studied some electric skills in schools and that her dad was a do it all. She wasn't a genius in electricity, but perhaps she could still use the little she knew. She started by lighting a few of the matches and burning the plastic from the duck, that would make nice glue. Then, she used that to stick the toche to the façade of the shop, next to the flickering light. She tried to put in in an angle that would light the path she wanted to follow and prayed to the Goddess that it would work.

Then she studied quickly the screwdriver and believed in her destiny to make the right settings. She didn't knew exactly how the thing worked but her intuition was most of the time a life saver. She pointed the screwdriver at the flikering lamp, and yes! It worked. The light became brighter, it would not last, it would probably explode the globe in it as it wasn't crafted to last such a surge of energy.

Quickly, she opened the torch and did the same, boosting it with the screwdriver so it would light the rest of the way from the light of the store to the streetlamp the doctor stood under. Sweat was dripping down her back and forehead, but she didn't let it botter her. She was almost there.

And it worked again, but just then she heard the lamp of the store sizeling, it would die very very soon. She had to move quickly. So she dashed and ran as quickly as she could to join the doctor, handing him his precious screwdriver.

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