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 The Doctor Is In

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Nancy "Care" Pepin

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PostSubject: Re: The Doctor Is In   Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:45 pm

As soon as he offered her to stay with them, she felt something surge in her. It was like a scream, her intuition flaring and roaring a yes. It was like being offered the job of your dream without even knowing it actually existed. She was afraid, very much so, but at the same time, even while suffering from a migraine, she felt excited, elated, thrilled, all at the same time. She felt the same as her first trip outreach with the red cross.

"I would like that."
She whispered. Her eyes were still locked into the doctor's, and she hopped he could see all she couldn't say, or express very much due to the pain. His invitation meant the world to her.

She didn't quite know why or how, but after today, and the dream she had, it meant she could make a difference. And a so much bigger one then on her own, or with the red cross. She felt like she had waited for this all her life... and maybe she had.  After all, she was created more than she was born, the Angels had said so, and they had never hurt her or misguided her. She wasn't crazy, or at least she didn't think she was. They had protected her for a time, and her powers had always been used to help others.

She slowly rose to her feet, her will keeping her steady, even if the pain rendered her almost blind to her surroundings.

[I'm so sorry for disapearing so long, it's been hell here, just too much to do, and too little time in a day. But I should be back more often now, I hope so. There is still a lot to do, but less. ]
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PostSubject: Re: The Doctor Is In   Today at 3:06 pm

Charity smiled when the Doctor offered to let Care come with them. She gave her a light shoulder squeeze, as a hug, and then let go of her when the Doctor was offering Care a hand to help her up. She couldn't help being concerned though. Care'd had a really bad headache that only got worse when she went into the Tardis, so how would she be able to tolerate the Tardis long enough to travel in it?

She glanced at the Doctor, a bit concerned about this, but she just kept quiet as she stood up with Care and the Doctor.
"It's true, the best are super soft." She agreed. "Will you be alright?" She asked in concern, deciding to speak up about it after all. She glanced at the Doctor, wondering if he had thought about that or not, or if maybe he knew something she didn't.
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The Doctor Is In
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