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 Disruption of the Galaxy (Strawberry/Rose)

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Dame Rose Tyler

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PostSubject: Re: Disruption of the Galaxy (Strawberry/Rose)   Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:27 pm

Rose smiled fondly, remembering her first time travelling with her Time Lord. "We met when I was only nineteen. He blew up the shop I worked in and saved my life. He took my hand and told me to run. We haven't stopped running since." She sighed. "I traveled with him for about two Earth years, though I'm sure it was longer, but I tend to lose track of time on the TARDIS. Then we got separated into two worlds, with me in the parallel version of this universe. I managed to get back to him using a dimension cannon that I built in the other world, and then I suppose you know the rest, seeing as you were there." She poked her tongue out playfully. "It's weird to think that the first time I met the Doctor was almost fifty years ago." She mumbled, thinking of her extended life gifted to her by Bad Wolf and the TARDIS.

She shook her head. "The map must be wrong or something. That sign there says 'tree'. I assume that means the tree is that way." She sighed. "Bit obvious, but I suppose they didn't expect that anyone would try to destroy their planet. "
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PostSubject: Re: Disruption of the Galaxy (Strawberry/Rose)   Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:58 pm

Strawberry was a little puzzled by all the stuff Rose was saying, but she nodded and pretended like she knew exactly what all that stuff was, even though 'dimension cannon' and 'parallel universe' and all that stuff sounded really strange. But then, everything to do with the Doctor was strange, wasn't it? She shrugged a little as she walked with Rose, thinking over that stuff.

She was further puzzled about the sign.
"If it says tree why doesn't it just.. you know, have a picture of a tree?" She wondered out loud. That seemed like the more logical way of doing things. She frowned at the idea of the map being wrong. If the map was wrong, then why were they using it at all? And if the map was wrong, then how would they know which way to go?

She took another look at the map and studied the symbols on it. Well.. the symbols on the map did match the symbols on the road sign. Maybe it wasn't wrong? She frowned thoughtfully as she trailed along with Rose, a little puzzled about this. It also didn't make any sense to even have a map going directly to the mother tree, but then, she figured, maybe the man had done it. She studied the lines on the map thoughtfully, trusting that Rose was going the right way since she was mostly just walking along beside her while staring at the map.

"It looks like if we took these two roads here," She pointed to some lines that indicated roads, "that it would make a good shortcut." She couldn't be sure, but the way the roads appeared on the map, it would. One road cut off of this one and appeared a little bit winding, but then another road turned off of it and would soon met up with the path that was highlighted on the map, while the roads that were highlighted seemed to be much straighter and longer. She held the map out to show Rose, a bit uncertain, but it seemed like anything that might help them get there sooner would be a good thing.
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Disruption of the Galaxy (Strawberry/Rose)
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