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 Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart

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PostSubject: Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart   Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2017 8:51 pm

Temperance Imogen Reinhart (Firefly)

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Species: Human
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Occupation: IT/Security
Status: Citizen

Hair: Red hair
Eyes: Hazel and Blue (heterochromatic)
Height: 5'5”
Figure: Athletic
Clothing: Mostly hoodies, slacks, t-shirts with random sayings, sneakers or converse shoes.  Rarely a dress or anything fancy.  Might find her wearing something with steampunk accents, too.

Family: Mom (Lily Stewart) Dad (Jacob Reinhart) both alive! And in Virginia.

Temperance aka Firefly, is a bit… odd.  She’s never had superb social skills, and often seems a bit awkward or just random and bizarre to more average people.  To say she’s a dreamer would be putting it lightly.  She’s curious, always in search of something new and exciting to experience in life believing she’ll only have one chance to do it.  Part of her still weighs heavy from what had transpired while she was active Military, but she strives to overcome it and live for the people who she lost; to find some peace in the chaos she left behind.  It doesn’t come through often, but sometimes the right setting will send those terrible memories flooding back.

Fear is something she refuses to accept.  Ever since she retired from the Military, she has lived by a motto which has kept her going strong despite the difficulties she faces:

Quote: I would rather die laughing, than writhing in fear of the unknown.

Why succumb to it?  Why let it happen?  Her strength lies in being able to accept that something has gone wrong, and defy all that could make it worse.  Live in all moments past and future.  Never let the fear consume you.

Tempy is an exceptional hacker above all else.  Her knack for coding and patterns has allowed her to pick up on things quicker, and break through security (firewalls and other sorts) more easily.  She isn't one of the best, but she has a reputation in the hacker community.  Mostly as a white hat, but she's been known to dabble in the darker areas sometimes.
Her martial arts was refined when she joined the military, though she isn't much for fighting if she can help it.

Weakness: She's never been particularly good with social situations, and generally prefers minimal people around her, or being wholly left alone to delve into whatever secrets she can turn up.
She's a bit of a drinker, enjoying the luxury of booze (specifically whiskey) over other drinks which she tends to enjoy when she's alone, buried under a pile of code, and hacking into some random database she has no business in.

Likes: Booze, hoagies, computers and video games.

Dream: To tell 'them' that she's sorry.


Temperance parents had come to the U.S. before she was born, and picked a quaint little town called Lost Creek in Virginia.  She had begun learning Martial Arts - more a mixture of several styles over the course of several years, before joining a boot camp for people either needing discipline, or wishing to prime themselves for Military service once reaching the age of 18.

However during all these years, there was a constant love for computers and hacking which she continously learned and advanced in hoping to keep herself sharp with her skills.  Tempy had an unusual knack for codes and patterns, and excelled even when introduced to some of the most bizarre of puzzles.

Her hacking was her greatest ability, and she loved it more than anything.  However she longed to fight to protect her country; her home, and enlisted when she turned 18 as planned.  Shortly after completing basic training, she was presented with an opportunity to join a group that would help to make places safer by locating and disabling bombs.

Like computers, she quickly picked up on the intricacies of explosives within the Explosives Ordnance Division, and learned a multitude of various applications for various types of bombs.  With her curiosity and ideas rising, Tempy went to designing them hoping that should she come upon any that were similar, she could learn to disable them easier having prior knowledge.  But it backfired.  During her second deployment into the middle east, her designs fell into enemy hands and the results were devastating.

Stricken with grief as she watched her friends, and children die suited up with her bombs strapped to their bodies in plain view.  It was too much for her to handle.  She was apprehended, and arrested on charges of treason.

However after spending over a year imprisoned, and treated like a monster; a traitor, she was cleared of the charges having been supplied with evidence to counter the accusations of treason.  Temperance was released, and honorably discharged after showing her inability to continue her service.

She fell into a deep depression, and resorted to whiskey and hoagies to help filter out the pain.  But on top of that, she also found her humour again, having onced used it even during deployment, to try to raise the spirits of her friends and allies despite the situation they often found themselves in.

She picked up a motto; ‘I would rather die laughing, than writhing in fear of the unknown.’  It was simple enough, and eventually she had found her way passed the whiskey - mostly - and a job where she felt she could do some good.

She still enjoys a nightly drink, and to deny her one of ‘Joe’s’ hoagies, is like denying a smoker their cigarette.  She gets a bit cranky (even if she doesn’t necessarily show it).

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Google, baby!
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PostSubject: Re: Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart   Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2017 9:02 pm

Great character! I really love the deep backstory. Just a few questions to get you thinking a little more about your character; why does she stay athletic if she's been in prison/depressed? Where does she work? Does she have any close friends she made after her imprisonment that she told her story to? And perhaps most importantly of all, why is she called firefly?

Approved btw Smile
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Join date : 2017-02-27
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PostSubject: Re: Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart   Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2017 9:30 pm

Thanks! I've had her around for 3-4 years, but never in a Dr. Who universe. Should be fun!

As for the questions ~

She stays athletic because she's always been relatively in good shape be it training in martial arts, or being in the military. So it's become a part of who she is. If she does nothing, it'll bother her. Plus if it ever came down to it, she wants to be able to fight (or defend herself).

I hadn't considered a 'where' but likely some big business in San Francisco which is where she normally lives, doing IT and Security.

No close friends, but she has people she sometimes meets up with for the occasional outing.

Firefly is her hacker handle. Also a bit of a trademark as she's been known to leave little 'signatures' if people go looking. I should also note that she tends to shy away from meeting other hackers in person, and usually only will if it's absolutely necessary, though she usually covers her features if she does. So the majority have no idea what she looks like as she's constantly covering her trail, and trying to conceal her identity.

Call it paranoia, but she likes not being well known.
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PostSubject: Re: Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart   Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart I_icon_minitime

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Temperance 'Firefly' Reinhart
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