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 Brooke Willows

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PostSubject: Brooke Willows   Brooke Willows I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 28, 2017 1:17 pm

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Character Name
Brookelyn Cassandra Willows

Species: Human
Age: a few days from turning 18
Birthdate: 7-7-1995
Gender: female
Occupation: unofficial Librarian?
Status: ordinary, unimportant girl with no money

Hair: straight, brown, and plain
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'5"
Figure: skinny and even a little bony
Other: pale skin with freckles all over her face, and she always wears a locket and a charm bracelet, a necklace with a '1up Mario Mushroom', and a 'Nintendo Controller' messenger bag
Clothing: She almost always wears skirts, but will occasionally wear pants if the occasion calls for it. She usually wears some T shirt with an emblem or saying on it that has to do with a book, game, movie, or some other nerdish type thing, and an old, worn out pair of converse sneakers. She has also been known to dress in historical type costumes for certain occasions.

Family: Her father is an abusive drunk, named Jeff Willows.
Her mother, Cassandra (White) Willows is deceased, as well as her twin sister, Bethany.
She has a stepmother, Claire (Shaw) Willows, and a stepsister, Amber Shaw
Personality: Brooke is a very shy and timid girl, mostly, and tends to be very socially awkward and is generally very nervous and uncomfortable around men. She tries to be friendly to people but she tends to come off as strange and most people tease her for it, and call her crazy and weird and other names that aren't very nice and make her feel bad about herself. She usually will stand by and let others talk about her poorly, and never outwardly show how awful it makes her feel, but if someone else is the target of that sort of talk, she would speak up.

Usually, however, if she does stand up to a bully, she quickly retreats back into her timid self, and depending on how the person reacts she may even apologize for speaking up to them, and is laughed at even more for attempting it. She has been called a coward, for that reason, but she is anything but that. She has a lot of courage that just hasn't had much chance to come out yet, and wouldn't hesitate to risk her own life to help someone else, even someone she dislikes. This may seem to be due to depression but it isn't really. She cares about other people, even if she doesn't really like them much, and figures that everyone else is more important than her, and tends to put others ahead of herself.  

She loves books with an undying passion, and the only thing that can come close to that passion is her love for history, science, and math.. in that order. She can never get enough of books, and has had the misfortune of having a handicap.. the only library she had access to her entire life had only a couple of hundred books to choose from, and she has already read all of the ones that matter; the best ones, multiple times.

She is also likely to answer questions with blunt honesty, unless she really doesn't want someone to know the answer. But the question has to be direct. For instance, 'Who hit you?' as opposed to 'did someone who loves you hit you?' The first will get a straight answer, 'my dad.' and the second will get a flat out, 'no.' and leave it at that. She doesn't try to hide the truth because she knows, for the most part, no one will believe her if she does tell it, so why bother trying to cover it up? And she sees it as stupid to try and hide the fact that her dad hits her, like so many abused people do.

She is also completely uninterested in romantic relationships. She doesn't mind a nicely written romantic scene in a book, like with Aragorn and Arwen, or Harry and Ginny or something, as long as romance isn't the sole focus of the book. She just has no attraction to anyone and doesn't much understand why everyone else seems to think so much about that stuff. If someone were to flirt with her she would not understand why, and it would frighten her and make her wonder what they want from her, and then be nervous of that person because they obviously want something she isn't interested in.

Strengths: reading, extensive knowledge of multiple subjects, very acute hearing (nothing beyond human, but above the level of the average human) and a very good memory. Also, she has the ability to see and speak to ghosts, when no one else can.
Weakness: very socially awkward, easily intimidated, very low self esteem, needs glasses (but doesn't have any), and she has asthma and a few other health issues. Also her memory is fuzzy from age 12-13 and earlier.
Likes: BOOKS of all kinds, history, science, math, cute nerdy clothes, Star Wars, Quantum Leap, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Trek, etc...
Dislikes: Twilight, romance novels, most guys, cheerleaders/football players, drugs and alcohol
Dream: she dreams of being somewhere peaceful, full of books, and where she can read and study and explore history as much as she wants.

History: She wasn't always called Brooke. When she was little, she went by Lyn. She was always a shy, sweet girl, and often her mother would find her playing in her crib or her room, alone but as if with another child, talking to her imaginary friend, Beth. Her mother never said much to her about that, but kept it to herself. What her mother never told her was that she'd had a sister named Bethany. A twin sister, who was stillborn. Lyn never knew about her sister, and grew up playing with her imaginary friend. When she was 4, her mother, recognizing that she was a very smart girl, and also hoping to get her out of the house more, to avoid her abusive husband, she put Lyn into kindergarten, even though she was a year younger than the rest of the kids.

Lyn knew from a very early age to avoid her father as much as possible. She was afraid of him, but some days he could be ok, although he was never a pleasant person to be around. Still, he always made it clear he didn't really like her. She didn't understand why her dad didn't like her, and thought there was something wrong with her, until her mother explained that he just didn't like children in general, and that he was not a very good man. Lyn couldn't ever have any pets, or ask any kids to come over. She never got to have any birthday parties, because her dad didn't want a lot of kids coming over. He was irritable and unpredictable on a regular basis, but he was worse when he was drinking.

When Lyn was 8, strange things began happening in her school. She was afraid, and no one would believe her when she tried to warn them about a monster that was running around taking people. For some reason, no one but her could remember people that had gone missing. She didn't understand this at all. And then a substitute teacher showed up and it seemed like everything changed. Not only did he awaken a love for history in her, when always before she had found history boring and hated it, but in just a few days he was her favorite teacher. The monster went away shortly after he arrived, and the teacher didn't stay long after that. But even worse than her new favorite teacher leaving.. Beth was gone, too.

She didn't understand why, but one afternoon, after school let out, she talked with the teacher for a little bit and then she went home. She had a normal evening, except that Beth didn't play with her after supper, and she couldn't find her at bed time. She never saw her again after that, and she never could figure out why.

From that point on, her life got worse and worse. Two years later, her mother died, protecting Lyn from her father who was in a drunken rage. It had been Lyn's birthday.. her tenth. And her mother had made her a cake, and while it was cooling so that she could frost it, she went to Brooke's room and sat talking with her for a bit, and gave her her birthday gift, a messenger bag with a Nintendo controller pictured on the front flap. She was thrilled by it, but the joy was short lived, as her father came home drunk and demanded to know where his supper was. He came into Lyn's room and realized that supper hadn't been started because her mother was busy talking with Lyn. He yelled and tried to attack Lyn, insisting that he was going to kill her. So, her mother ordered her to hide and she stood in his way, and took the beating meant for Lyn while she hid under her bed, watching in terror as he killed her mother.

He was stunned by what he had done, and called his best friend Peter Larson to help him out. His friend, who happened to actually be a cop, helped him cover up the murder. They ignored Lyn for a while, and then threatened her, should she ever tell what had happened. They came up with a story claiming that someone broke into the house and murdered her while Jeff was not home, and everyone accepted that because why would the policeman lie?

Life sort of moved on. Her father drank more and more, trying to hide from his own guilt. Then, when she was nearly twelve, everything changed for her again. Her dad, drunk as usual, dragged her out of the shower and did some bad things to her. She was traumatized by these things, and it took her a long time to recover enough to think of herself as a person again. But, she considered Lyn to have died that day. From then on, she took the other half of her name, Brooke, and has used it ever since. She worked hard to forget everything before that point, and as a result most of the memories earlier than that point are fuzzy and at least partially suppressed, but her memory was too good to forget things entirely.

Brooke learned to stay in her room as much as possible, and did everything she could to avoid her father. She had already been staying at the library after school as much as she could, but apparently it wasn't enough. And just when she thought that her life was bad enough, her father found the worse possible woman to remarry to. A drug addicted prostitute. Brooke disliked her right from the start, but when she found out that she smoked a couple packs of cigarettes a day, she knew that she would hate this woman. Her daughter was almost as bad, if not worse. Claire and Amber were rather hard to tell apart, actually. They both smoked, drank, did drugs, and worked as hookers, sometimes as a team, and the stepsister started a meth lab in the spare room.

Brooke did her best to avoid them and their 'clients', and started the seventh grade. She was dismayed to discover that her 7th grade teacher was not a nice one. She was very... Umbridge-ish, as she called her. She looked for excuses to punish students, and used corporeal punishments whenever she could. Brooke couldn't stand this, being beat up at home and then beat up again at school. She had, previously, thought of school as a safe place to go during the day.

To get around this, she worked very, very hard to get through the 7th grade curriculum as fast as possible, while also working in eight grade books, and she managed to finish it by the time Christmas break came around. She managed to get promoted to eight grade, and continued to work hard to catch up to the rest of the students. Unfortunately for both the seventh and eighth grade students, this meant that the grading curve for the rest of them went up because of her excellent grades and progress, which made it harder for them to get as high grades. For the seventh grade students being left behind, they were jealous of her for leaving the class with the awful teacher, and for the eighth grade class that she joined, it meant that they had to work harder to get good grades, compared to her work. As a result, most of the other kids hated her.

Finally, she started high school. And then, she was surprised to meet a boy who was a little older than her, but was actually friendly to her. She was a little puzzled by him at first, but soon realized he really, genuinely, wanted to be her friend. They got along well, both being nerd types, and became good friends. Several times he invited her to hang out with him. Once, they went to the museum, and found a strange 'tank' looking thing there, and Brooke couldn't figure it out, but they managed to open it accidentally. They had a few more adventures, but she still had a horrible home life and tried her best to keep it from Tom, not wanting him to know about it.

When she was 14, she attempted to run away from home, and was stopped by officer Larson, her dad's friend who had helped him cover up the murder of her mother. He made her get in his cop car saying he would take her home, but he drove out somewhere isolated and then did some unacceptable things to her, and threatened her, saying that if she ever tried to run away again that there would be much worse things awaiting her, and then he took her home to her dad, who beat her up as punishment for trying to run away.

She went to Tom, her only friend, crying and miserable, but couldn't tell him what had happened to her. She unintentionally let him find out that she wanted, and planned, to join her mother in death, and then he made a pact with her to keep her from committing suicide, and to sort of 'seal' the pact, or serve as a reminder of it, they got matching tokens; a charm of a 1up mushroom from Super Mario Bros, on a necklace. From then on, anytime she was feeling miserable and thinking about suicide, she might be seen fingering the necklace to remind herself why she should not do it.

Another year passed, and Brooke was very sad to say goodbye to her friend Tom, who was graduating and going off to college. She was happy for him, of course, but knew she would miss her only friend. The next school year was tough without him, but she managed to scrape through it. Halfway through, there was an incident in which the football team's star quarterback got himself in danger. There was a rumor that all of the high school kids knew about, and none of the grown ups really did know, which told of some catacomb tunnels that were buried under the ground, in the cemetery. According to the rumor, anyone who went in there, never came back out. And, naturally, the football team players began daring each other to go in there, and Chad, the quarterback, accepted the dare. He was gone for a couple of days before Brooke heard about it. She heard everyone expressing their concern, and wondering what could have happened to him. There was a game coming up, and how could they hope to have a chance at winning without Chad?

Brooke listened for a little while to these things, and came to a decision. The entire town would be upset if Chad never came back, and no one would care if she didn't. So, the next day, being Saturday, she gathered some things and went to the cemetery. She asked a couple of people that were lurking around the cemetery how to get into the catacombs, and once she had an answer she accessed the unusual secret doorway and went down into the tunnels, herself, having no idea that the people she had asked directions from were actually ghosts. She marked the walls with chalk, and eventually found the idiot boy, huddled on the ground crying because he was terrified. She gave him a bottle of water and a couple granola bars and led him back out safely, following her chalk marks. As soon as they were out of the tunnels, he ran for home, never even bothering to thank her for saving his life. In school the next week, he acted as if she didn't exist, or else was just as much a bully to her as before. One day she was hiding out under the bleachers, avoiding gym class, when she heard Chad and his friends talking about something he'd found. They discussed it for a bit and then while tossing it back and forth, one of the dropped it and she saw a strange object fall down under the bleachers. Hearing them say they weren't going to bother with the thing, she picked it up and examined it, then slipped it into her bag, without much further thought, despite hearing Chad say he had picked it up while he was down in the tunnels.

Finally, the end of the school year came, and Brooke was graduating. She found it hard to believe that she was graduating when she was only 16, but she had worked hard for that, and was now the valedictorian of her class. The problem with that was, no one in school liked her, and they all thought she was a weirdo and made fun of her all the time. She was awkward and nervous as she went to give a speech which she had actually written very beautifully, but when she stepped up to the podium to give it, all the kids who made such a habit of teasing and bullying her thought it would be funny to BOO her. All she heard was the crowd booing her, and she couldn't hardly even speak to give her valedictorian speech, and ended up leaving as soon as she was dismissed from the graduation, to go be alone and cry in the library or something.

It wasn't until after graduating that she realized what a mistake it was to have graduated. That meant that she was now stuck unable to run away for fear of officer Larson, unable to live on her own because of her age, and unable to go to college because her dad had already spent all of the college money her mother had left her. She spent all the time she could at the library, but it was hard to get food what with having to avoid the kitchen as much as possible. She used to be able to get lunch at school, but now she had to come up with something on her own, and it was difficult.

Two years passed, and she was still in the same situation, living day by day at the library from open to close, then hiding out in her room with the door locked.. a fan aimed at the door to keep the smoke and fumes out the best she could, and climbing in and out of the window to avoid walking through the house, for fear of either her father, or her stepmother or stepsister, or their clients, some of which had an odd desire to have her included in the deal, and her stepmother would agree to it 'if they could catch her'. Brooke keeps hoping that when she turns 18, she might be able to actually move away from there, but she is also a little afraid and intimidated by the idea of trying to leave.

Other info: She has some amount of insomnia and has trouble getting to sleep even after staying up for a couple nights in a row. She generally only sleeps every other night or every third night, and lightly at that. When she does sleep she tends to be edgy and have nightmares.
Also due to reading so much in poor lighting, and often staring at a screen to watch movies or play games, etc, she has developed vision problems and has headaches related to that because she doesn't have glasses despite needing them.
Due to her living conditions she has developed asthma but doesn't have an inhaler. She gets sick frequently as well due to the conditions, and things that have happened to her in her past.
Also fun fact: she has an ancestor who was a surviving passenger on the Titanic, who came from Scotland and was descended from Jamie McCrimmon.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Explain how you came across our website.
Google, and been here for a few years now. 10 said I could get a new character and still keep the other two Smile

Update with her adventures:

After 'zombies' invaded her town, Brooke helped the 11th Doctor get down into the catacombs where she had once rescued Chad, and they went deeper and found their way to a spaceship that had crash landed there, ages before the town was built on top of it. They found a race of aliens who had been awakened and were reanimating dead bodies to try and regain something that had been lost. As it turned out, it was the strange thing that Chad had taken from the tunnels, and which Brooke had in her bag. If they got it, though, the whole town would be destroyed and many people would die. It came out that they planned to take over the whole planet eventually, so Brooke and Tom helped the Doctor stop them and then once it was all finished, Brooke eagerly accepted the Doctor's invitation to come along, seeing it as her chance to escape from her awful life.

She had only a couple of adventures with the 11th Doctor before something unusual happened. The Tardis was going through some turbulence or something, and Brooke somehow fell through some sort of rift or something, and ended up in the 10th Doctor's Tardis instead. After figuring out that he is the same Doctor that she knows, she was puzzled but eventually came to trust him and stayed with him.

She's had a few adventures with him and his friend Charity. During one such adventure, they found themselves in a town near the one she grew up in, only two years after she had left home. They were at a drug and alcohol rehab center. Brooke and the Doctor got separated, and Brooke ended up in some room in the basement of the place, being subjected to many psychic illusions which terrified her.

Meanwhile the Doctor met Brooke's dad, who had checked himself in some time prior, after Claire and Amber were both killed in a meth lab explosion. He began to help the Doctor look for his friend, not even knowing it was his own daughter. When they at last found her, she was scared half to death and not sure what was real or not, but the Doctor realized that there was something going on involving a fearmonger.

Eventually discovering the plans of the lady running the center, it became evident that Brooke was host to the Fearmonger and the only way to defeat it seemed to be that the host would have to die. While the Doctor tried to figure out another way to do it, Jeff launched a plan to transfer the Fearmonger to himself, then he took it with him to his death, stunning Brooke more than anyone.

After this adventure, Brooke accidentally wound up wandering onto a spaceship by mistake, after getting caught up in a crowd. She was taken off to another planet where she was stranded for a long time, living among a group of survivors in a sort of apocalyptic world for a few months before the Doctor and Charity were able to find her.

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