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 Lucius Tyler Vulneras

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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
Time Lord
Time Lord
Lucius Tyler Vulneras

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PostSubject: Lucius Tyler Vulneras   Lucius Tyler Vulneras I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 05, 2017 12:36 pm

A/N: I didn't have Luci's updated CC up! Here it is! Also I no longer play any canon characters in case that wasn't obvious yet

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Lucius Tyler Vulneras

Age: 31
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Flesh
Occupation: Musician and aspiring time traveler
Status: Not stated

Hair: Shaggy, messy hair dyed black
Eyes: Grey/blue with hints of green
Height: 5’7
Figure: Average with mild muscle definition.
Other: A faded scar on his right side, mild burn marks all over his left arm, neck, and side, and several tattoos on his arms, neck, and torso that work wonders at covering up his ‘battle wounds’.
Clothing: He always wears a plaid shirt, his favourites being purple and yellow. He also wears dark denim jeans (usually black) and grey converse shoes (or heavy worker boots depending on the day). Keeps a large collection of leather bands and string bracelets on his left wrist. Wears a leather jacket (slightly too big for him) that’s in rough shape from overuse.

Family: Aravis Mal Vulneras (mother) & the Flesh Doctor (father)
Personality: He is reserved and can lapse into times of silence, giving him an eerie feel as his eyes and ears absorb everything that goes on around him.  However, those moments have been fleeting as he’s gotten older.  For the most part, Lucius likes to talk and talk and talk.  Generally, he spews random facts, observations, and odd sayings. It is very rare that he ever talks about himself, though he never lies about how he feels. He trusts very few but this is perhaps the reason that he has less of a problem using his powers against others.  The curiosity of a boy is still a burning flame, leading him into trouble and terribly uncomfortable situations. Often tells people “I’m insane”  just to watch their reaction. Those words seem very true since his actions are more daring and dangerous than they once were.
Strength: Instinct, observing behaviour, his abilities
Weakness: Trust, disappointing loved ones, curiosity, his mother
Likes: Candy, climbing things, learning, space
Dislikes: the dark, being afraid, liars, fire
Dream: To stop the destruction his mother told him she was leaving to “fix” long ago.

Torchwood captured Mal and the Flesh Doctor one night and through scientific means attempted to prep Mal's body to create a Time Lord child. They had all that they needed, right?  A powerful female host and the male Time Lord (or the closest thing they were going to get).  Unfortunately for them, despite the use of huon particles, the Flesh part did not keep the Time Lord DNA during conception. The child adapted to its mother's DNA which resulted in a child who was both mainly human and part Flesh.  Also, lucky for all involved, the partners managed to escape the Torchwood facility.

Lucius was born in the year 2023 in Cardiff. He was raised by his mother, Mal, who taught him to be wary of life and how to harness his power for the sole purpose of defence. But he was warned not to show a single soul what he was capable of and he, considering he practically worshipped his mother, obeyed.  Mal didn’t want anyone searching for him and using him for his gifts, nor did she want people to know who his parents were in case they had a grudge (as she was often paranoid was the case).

Lucius had no idea who his father was for the longest time; he never met him, and even if he asked his mother he only got vague answers in return. Not even a name was given to him. So for the first seven years of his childhood he was fatherless. It wasn’t until he was left at Hopefelt that he finally ran into his biological father during a crazy adventure in the basement of the orphanage.

When he was six his mother took him to the Hopefelt Orphanage in a fit of desperation. She seemed to need him to listen and so he did rather intently. Mal had told him she had to leave him for a while but would return when she fixed the mess they were in. Though he was never told what disaster his mother was in, he had to trust that the day she would return would come. Lucius had clung to those words and waits daily for his mother's return.

For a time, he spent his time at the Orphanage, climbing the nearby trees at the park, eating candy, and learning to play guitar.  The boy had a peculiar interest for the TARDIS and the odd man within it (though he really only wanted to see one man in particular). He use to sit on the steps of the Orphanage, waiting with patience for the return of the blue box and the crazy, dangerous adventures (not to mention the splendor of learning) that came with its open doors.

One day, when Lucius was 10, he was up in that old, grey sycamore tree strumming his guitar. It was just like any other day, or so he thought. The hopes of the Doctor’s arrival was drifting in his head as when an apparition appeared- or so he thought she was so. His very own mother called up to him from the ground. Lucius swore he’d never felt so relieved and sick at the same time. She looked different, neither better or worse, just different. And when she summoned him to ‘come home’, he left the Hopefelt Orphanage without a second thought.

It wasn’t until his mother revealed a vortex manipulator that he got the funny feeling something wasn’t as he thought they should be. But it was too late. Lucius went with his mother to the 5000’s and everything changed for him there.

These years are unmentioned. He can’t bare to recall what occurred that has changed him and his ideals so drastically. How could such childish innocence burn away in the flame of betrayal so quickly? It became apparent to Lucius that the universe was much crueller than he anticipated. This is what generated his underlying tone of cynicism.

Lucius's ability was inherited from his mother. He is more aware of his psychic ability and thus is more effective and efficient with itl. A touch, whether it is skin-to-skin or not, establishes a stronger connection between him and his victim if he so wishes to make one. However, if he concentrates hard enough he can create a bond in the same respect (though this is a tiring method and he’d rather not use it).  Through this psychic link, he can make his target think and/or feel whatever he wants them to. Unlike his mother, he can sustain the connection until he tires out even when the touch is disengaged; so those he affects will still be under his influence until released.

His eyes are a direct key to his psyche which means those he makes eye contact with feel compelled to listen and believe him without Lucius even trying. To make a comparison, this feels like a small tug on the sleeve while his actual ability feels like he's guiding you by the hand (sometimes rather forcefully) into the direction he wants you to go. He is not in control of this like he is with the consciously connected version. It's for this reason people are subconsciously nervous about making eye contact with him and tend to avoid it.  (It’s surprising how powerful the power of suggestion can be).

Since Lucius is part flesh, he can change some of his DNA to suit his needs. He cannot transform completely since his human part would not survive, but he is able to change small things such as his eye colour, voice, fingerprints, and can even adapt to the environment he is placed in. He is not able to change his blood type or 'fix' certain parts of himself, such as a failing organ, but he is known to heal faster than the average person.

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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
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