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 Captain Jack

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Captain Jack

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PostSubject: Captain Jack    Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:21 pm

Captain Jack Harkness

Species: Human



Occupation:Torchwood Teamleader



Hair: Light brown

Eyes: blue

Height: 6′ 0″

Figure: Muscular

Other: none

Clothing: mostly tucked in button up dress shirts that cover up his white tee's. Wears dressed pants that are held up by a belt and suspenders For shoes he has a boots.
Don't forget the Navy blue trench coat

Family: One brother , one child and one grandchild

Personality: Jack is a charismatic man. He enjoys the simple things in life and tend to bite more than he can chew at times. Jack tends to flirt with anything that has a steady heart beat but over all he is a caring human

Strengths: hand to hand combat and knowing Alien species

Weakness: over confidences and over caring

Likes: Whiskey and earth

Dislikes: bullys and liars

Dream: The fact Jack wants to save the world making it a safe place for all.

History: Jack was born in the year 5094 and raise in the   Boeshane Peninsula along with his brother Gray. He spent most of his childhood in peace playing along the beach and singing around camp fires. One day as jack would put it "the worst day of his life" a unknown invader stormed his homeland and attacked. Jack's father told him to take his brother and run. Jack did as he was told but along the way Gray stumbled and fell, letting go of Jack's hand. thinking his brother was still behind him Jack went and hid in a bush. After the invaders left he went back to find his not only his brother hand be killed but his mother and father was well. Jack talked one of his friend into fighting the enemy but they were caught. THinking Jack's friend was the weaker of the two they took his friend tortured him to give jack a lesson letting him go to bear the guilt.

With time Jack was first Boeshane resident to be signed up for the Time Agency, making him a "poster boy" for the area, given the nickname "Face of Boe" and he was back in time to WWII and took the name Jack Harkness. He took the name due to the REal Jack dying prior to his arrival. Jack had many adventures since his join with the Agency.
While in England's WWII area he bumped in to a plucky blond a named Rose Tyler and a crazy man with a blue box who went by the name The doctor. Jack ended up befriending both of these people and having many misadventures with them. One ended up making Jack an immortal being. With this THe doctor and Rose left Jack behind.

As Jack was left behind he did his best to find the doctor again  he had many adventures on his path to find him again.  

Jack now resides in small house in cardiff were he relaxes and plans his next move.

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Captain Jack

Join date : 2013-10-14
Age : 25
Posts : 36
Location : A really nice meadow in some forest

PostSubject: Re: Captain Jack    Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:21 am

Rp practice thingy do dad thing

“Heh heh heh” those sounds of small laughter came from the squeaks of the rubber ducky as the Jack squeezed it in amusement. Before tucking it into his pants pocket he’d blow a raspberry as he leaned against the wall. Glaring at the doctor he’d called out “Doctor are you alive over there. Please tell me you aren’t passed out on me. “Jack sounded kind of worried as the light above began to flicker.

Looking into the backpack he had at his feet his mutter as he shuffled through it “Who pack a chicken a leg with and not wrap it up like why? “As jack pulled everything out he’d rub the back of his head as he stared blankly at the objects on the ground.  Not knowing what to do Jack picked up the doctors sonic screw driver and tried to use to fix his vortex manipulator but, nothing happened and Jack just shoved the screw driver into his Jacket pocket.  

Looking at what was left Jack had an idea, he grabbed the cooked chicken leg and began throwing bits and pieces to various spots in the darkness to see where the nasty vashta where hiding to see if could in some way get over there without being eaten over and over again and get the doctor. Seeing that whatever he threw was eaten before it even touched the ground Jack couldn’t  help but groan as he took a bite of the chicken leg since it smelt great and Jack was bit hungry with all this thinking. Thinking of what to do next Jack throw what was left of the chicken leg into the shadows.

 With an idea he’d reach into his pocket and hurl the small yellow ducky at the doctor having it hit him in the face making a small squeak noise as it did so.
The doctor would open his eyes slow as he came to  as he got up slowly he’d look around seeing Jack on the other side of the street and little rubber duck next to him . As the doctor got up he’d move go to take a step into the darkness but before he could so Jack called out “whoa whao don’t move from the Light Doc the shadows are infested with Vashat .”  The doctor took a step back into the light again as he seemed abit shaken as up since he was about to walk into death.  Patting himself down the doctor looked for his Screw driver then over to Jack who was holding it between his fingers.

Glaring at Jack the doctor sighed and leaned against the lamp post as he shrugged at Jack as if he didn’t know what to do. Jack picked up the flash and turned it on but that happened was a dim light that could even light up a wet paper bag but Jack had an idea. Grabbing the book of matches and the carrot he’d suck them into the rain coat before with all his might throwing them across the street to the doctor. As the land nearly out of reach the doctor did his best to grab the rolled up coat. “Doc what I need you to do is light the coat on fire and walk with it somehow to keep the area lit enough to walk to me.  I know I sound stupid but im sure it will work. “Jack called out in a worried voice as he the Light above the doctor start to flicker more with the intent of going out.  The doctor unfolding the coat removing the carrot that was use for the weight and the matches, The doctor start to try to light the coat on fire but  he could get the coat to catch fire.

As the doctor struggled as he wasted match after match trying to light the coat but with enough trys a small fire started on the coat and slow began spread along coat. With joy the Doctor jumped up and down before releasing that  he need to pick up the coat and run but before he did he picked up the little ducky and took off across the street as the coat started to burn quicker before he start to drop it before throwing himself at jack and jack catching the doctor pulling him to him as he the bough crashed into the wall behind jack. With Joy they both hugged as they laughed at what just happened.
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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
Time Lord
Time Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Jack    Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:45 pm

Welcome, welcome! Your CC has been accepted!

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Jack    

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Captain Jack
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