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 Blank Pages

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Rhydian Martis

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PostSubject: Blank Pages   Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:48 pm

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C is the largest library in the world in terms of shelf space, but the largest library in terms of amount of books in their collection, by far, is the British Library in London. It contains  the oldest dated printed book retrieved, a copy of the Magna Carta, the oldest holy books belonging to the three major religions of the world and much more. This was what intrigued Rhydian so much about this library – it possessed so much… humanity. Rhydian was surprised that he himself wasn’t getting sick of humanity as it were.

Of course, there were some downsides of this library, mostly for the general public. If you weren’t a fledged member of the institution, you couldn’t see eighty percent of the displays and most historical documents were restricted for research purposes only. There were many tourists who plagued the place like locusts on a farm, and some of the areas where people could use the wi-fi given to them felt like a glorified internet café with a few books. Of course, this wasn’t a problem for Rhydian – fake IDs and a trained ability to sneak around was enough for him. Of course, this wasn’t for research purposes, more of a distant nostalgia and experience-type event that kids his age usually didn’t get to see themselves. If he wanted to actually research these events, he’d just go to the time and place it happened.

If there was one thing one could do in a library, it was read, and today that was exactly what the young time traveller was planning to do. Just a nice relaxing afternoon in a giant, cavernous library at a comfy desk with a giant book to immerse himself into. He had enough of dodging laser bolts for one day (thank you, Pyrovillia). He didn’t care for historical documents and books that recorded history as of now – one could probably guess why – and decided to opt for a narrative, a fictitious book of wild proportions.

Naturally, Rhydian did not like sci-fi. He already experienced that well-enough, and most of the time the sci-fi that was seen in Rhydian’s time wasn’t very much reflective of the genuine article unless he travelled further enough into the future. So, grabbing a random fantasy novel with a decent lengthiness to it from the respective shelf, Rhydian went to sit down at the nearest desk available to him, took of his black jacket (leaving the hoodie on) and opened up to the first page.


Oh, whoops. Rhydian must’ve opened up to those filler pages at the very start of the book. He turned another page.


And another.


Rhydian furrowed his eyebrows with not concern, but curiosity. Why would an author put completely blank pages at the beginning of a book? Was it a sort of gimmick to draw the reader in? Did he miss a line at the very beginning of the novel? Nope. Rhydian flicked through the entire novel with his finger and thumb.


It was all blank.

Okay, this was strange. Maybe the librarians put that book there as a filler for their shelves or something. Or maybe it was just an elaborate prank pulled by an aspiring college student. Nevertheless, Rhydian quickly stood up, taking his jacket with him to put the book back in its place. He drew another one out of curiosity of the same genre, hoping to start with that. He opened it up at the shelf to check whether this one was blank too.

It was.

Now Rhydian was starting to worry. Putting the book back on the shelf too, he drew another one to find it was blank. It was only now that Rhydian realised that the words on the covers of these novels were gone too. Rhydian looked up at the sign that designated the purpose of the shelf, and sure enough it was just a large blank white sign hanging over the top of him.

It was around now that people started complaining.

“Hey, my book is blank. Is this some kind of joke?”

“Yeah, this is a library! Where are the actual books?”

“Can we write stuff in it or something?”

“Is this the journal isle? I thought libraries didn’t lend out rentable journals anymore.”

All of these questions were directed towards the librarian on that particular floor who was quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who came to complain to her. She tried checking her computer to see what books were in the catalogue to see if these people made some sort of a mistake (the option she was hoping for). However, her hopes were crushed when the entire screen of her computer, including the letters on her keyboard, were mysteriously missing.

“Sorry, everything on my computer is just… gone! The thumbnails for programs are there but I can’t check anything because there are no words!”

Rhydian put his jacket on again. Guess he wasn’t going to have a nice, relaxing afternoon after all. The immediate instinct that Rhydian acted out was checking his phone for the latest news, even though this seemed fairly recent. Sure enough, nearly all news channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere were blank. Damn, Rhydian didn’t see that contradiction in his plan. He’d just have to go by instinct – or use his Multi-Spanner which was thousands of years more advanced than whatever technology humans possessed in 2017.

Jumping down railings while everyone was panicking (nobody really cared for a kid jumping down stairs like a madman while they were worried their snapchat streaks were going away), Rhydian got to the entrance of the library and into the streets of London. Nearly everything had stopped – cars, people, trains – to view the vocabulary carnage that was unfolding before their very eyes.

Signs were gone, all words on street signs and posters were missing, all the billboards, even electronic ones, had no words to accompany them, and the people who weren’t looking up were looking down at their phones which possessed no form of lettering whatsoever. It was killing Rhydian that he couldn’t check the news, as it would be really helpful if he could see what was going on in the outside world.

There was one thing Rhydian could conclude with certainty, however.

At precisely 2:59 PM on a Saturday, all the words on planet Earth were stolen.
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10th Doctor/Eric Jason
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PostSubject: Re: Blank Pages   Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:15 am

Reading; a pass time for the infamous Time Lord when planets weren't being destroyed or invaded by foreign invaders. His converse kicked up on a table inside of a small shop in downtown London, his brainy specs resting on his nose and eyes locked on the words. The world around him faded to the back burner as he became quickly engulfed in the world described in the book he held. That was until the words suddenly began to fade out, becoming harder and harder to read until completely gone from the page. With a baffled expression, The Doctor removed his glasses and cleaned them, thinking it was the result of dusty lenses'. However, upon looking back at the book The Doctor quickly realized it wasn't his glasses; it was the book itself.

The Doctor straightened in the chair, removing his shoes from the table and placing the book down, "Well isn't that wizard..." he mumbled before glancing around him. The words that once were chalked onto the blackboard, depicting prices and daily sales, were now gone along with words on signs. Standing up, The Doctor looked around more; everywhere he looked the consensus stood firm, the words were gone. With eyes now widened, The Doctor bolted out of the shop and into the busy streets outside, his eyes up at the buildings around him. Signs that once advertised for various events or sales were now blank, pictures still stood in their places but the words around them were gone. "What?.." The Doctor exclaimed, completely baffled by what he saw, "What?!....What!!".


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Blank Pages
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