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 RP training for Hedda-Liv

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PostSubject: RP training for Hedda-Liv   Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:06 pm

Hello, in this thread we will be doing some training, since you stated you needed help. I'll do my best to guide you to becoming a better RPer, but I'll need you to be willing to listen and adjust things where necessary. I'll be making a post as a character and you will respond as your character. Then I'll point out anything that you need to fix, or tell you what you're doing right or wrong. Then, once you fix that, I'll give you another post to respond to. If we're lucky there won't be much, or anything, for you to fix!

Once an admin or mod has declared you have graduated from the RP school, you'll be allowed to join any open RP that is active, or you can start a closed RP with some other people. I'll explain more about that later. Also, feel free to PM me about anything, at any time.

Now, about this RP here. Anything that's in color will be IC (in character - RP) and anything that's not in a color and in parentheses () will be OOC (Out Of Character - not RP) Be sure to write in the third person, like Brax was telling you, and try to make your post be at least a paragraph long.

Ready? I hope so! Here's my first post, using an old retired character that I used to play years ago on this site:

London, England
October, 2017

Emma blinked as she suddenly found herself in another place. One moment she'd been walking home from the bakery, eager to get home to her family. Then, suddenly, here she was. Right in the middle of a strange city. Actually, no. It wasn't a strange city, it was just one that she had not been in for.. years. The dark haired woman stared at the Big Ben clock and wondered how in the universe she'd wound up here of all places. After finding that her cell phone was not in her pocket, she remembered having left it lying on the counter in the bakery. Well darn, she couldn't even call anyone for help.

After taking a slow and careful look around at her surroundings, she began to walk. Maybe, if she could explore around a bit, she might find some clue as to how she got here. Being from Virginia originally, she couldn't even understand why she would have ended up here in London. But there had to be some reason for it. One thing she'd learned from traveling with the Doctor was that strange things could, and would, happen but there was always some reason behind it, whether it was some scientific thing beyond her understanding or not. She had to figure out what could have caused her to teleport, or whatever, from where she had been, to here, and why. Maybe if she talked to a few people around the area she might get some ideas.
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RP training for Hedda-Liv
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