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 Clyde Martin’s Sword Scepter

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Clyde Martin

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PostSubject: Clyde Martin’s Sword Scepter   Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:37 pm

A rather simplistic device, Clyde carries this scepter every day, often simply to supplant his personal eccentricity. It is simply a silver metal ball atop a body of black aluminum. About 7.5 inches down the body, there is a nearly unnoticeable gap. When Clyde grasps both sides of this crack, and twists, the top section becomes removable. However, attached to this section is a long, thin sabre blade. Made of titanium and tungsten, it is an incredibly durable weapon, and relatively sharp. At 3 feet long, it is an excellent slashing blade, and can deal a deadly blow. The aluminum body is relatively durable and can be used as a club, if need be.
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Clyde Martin’s Sword Scepter
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