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 A Series of Strange Occurrences

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Iwamoto Yuri

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PostSubject: A Series of Strange Occurrences   Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:31 am

Ever since her first contact with aliens Sylvia had mbeen in complete denial. Things like time travel, dragon girls and spaceships with warp drives just couldn't exist right? And even if they did Sylvia wasn't meant to know about these things, let alone have contact with them. What annoyed her most, though, was not the fact that she knew but the fact there was no one out there she could tell. Who on earth would believe her? And even if people would consider listening she'd loose her credibility as a detective.
That last thing was something that couldn't happen. Being a detective was her life. Without it she would go mad for sure, considering it was the only thing out there to keep her sane at this point (things were never easy were they?).
So instead she chose to ignore and forgot what had happened. She had other things to worry about, like the girl that was secretly hanging out with Arthur for instance...

Putting down her newspaper, Sylvia grabbed her coffee and sipped from it, enjoying the rich but bitter flavour of her favourite beverage. At least coffee was one thing that would never change, she should be grateful for that.
Looking out through the window of the restaurant she sighed and put her cup down. Nothing was better then the sight of the Thames in the early morning. Even though it was foggy the outlines were visible and Sylvia couldn't help but imagine Sherlock Holmes could have walked past it had he been a real person.
The idea made her smile, before she took another sip if her coffee.

(if a doctor could join that would be great Mad)
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Clara Oswin Oswald

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PostSubject: Re: A Series of Strange Occurrences   Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:39 pm

((Just came here to say, WOW. YOUR DRAWINGS=WOW. Anyways, that's it. :3 Just complimenting your art. I have too many RPs right now :I))
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A Series of Strange Occurrences
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