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PostSubject: More to Life   More to Life I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2013 12:30 am

((Amy Pond))

Donna was out getting groceries, having a family was not proving to be as easy as her mum had always made it seem. She was beginning to understand why Sylvia had always been so high-strung. This was the third time this week she needed to go out and get milk. She parked the car and made her way into the grocery store. At this point she could probably make it to the dairy aisle with her eyes closed, but she thought better of this.

There were a few other small things she needed so she pulled out a cart and made her way through the grocery store. She walked down the familiar aisles and took various items off the shelf and placed them in her cart. She smirked, her life was dreadfully dull and she knew it. There were times when she wondered if maybe there was more out there for her than Shaun, it wasn’t that she didn’t adore her husband, because she did, but she felt like she was supposed to be more than a temp. She knew people said motherhood was supposed to be the next greatest adventure, but she was certainly missing the minor excitement of working for all sorts of different companies all over town. Still her son, Peter, had been a wonderful treasure for her and her family.

She finished up her shopping and walked up to the check out counter and picked up a magazine, there was a lovely woman with striking red hair and an advertisement for some sort of perfume. “I have been thinking about a new brand.” She said to herself as she idly placed her groceries on the conveyer belt. “Milk, Eggs, Bread, Breadcrumbs, Lettuce. I forgot the chopmeat.” She said out loud, she apologized to the woman behind her, “I am so sorry, go ahead I haven’t got everything I need.” She explained scooping her groceries back in her cart.

“Say… You look familiar… Have we met?” Donna asked the woman politely.
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More to Life
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