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 Odd Fob Watch

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PostSubject: Odd Fob Watch   Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:23 pm

Jenny looked at a Fob Watch she had found at a planet "Hmm.." She put her finger over the button to open it she pressed down on the button and it opened some Timelord energy dust came out of her mouth and into the watch the watch snapped shut and she passed out.
There's a small cottage outside a small town in London a family of 4 mum dad a son and a daughter the son's name was John Maxwell he was 10 with brown curly hair and light blue eye's the daughter's name was Jenny Maxwell she was 16 Blonde straight Hair Brown eye's mum's name was Kate she had blonde hair and blue eys and day's name was Richard brown hair brown eye's. It was a bright sunny day and Jenny fell out of her bed from the dream she just had, "Ugh.." She got up and put on her clothes a brown dress and shoes she walked out of her house greeted by her dog jumping on her making her fall to the ground she laughed,"Good morning to you to Jack." She smiled and shoved the dog off her,"JOHN!When was the last time you wash the dog he stinks.."She said getting up John repleyed, "Last week..."She sighed,"Wash him this week..."She said looking around,"I need to go into the village I'll be back later.."She said as she grabbed an Apple and left the cottage she walked down the dirt road into the small village she ate her apple and put it in her dress pocket she looked at the fruit stand and looked at the owner,"This is all you got today.."She sighed and grabbed a few banana's and entered a small bakery,"Good morro sir." she laughed and waited for the bread to be done witch seemed like forever once she got the bread and payed she ran up a hill outside the village and layed under a tree looking up at the sky,"I always wonder what's beyond this place..."She sighed and took a bite out of the Banana still looking at the sky she grabbed out a Fob Watch and lifted it to the sky to look at the markings,"hm...Never knew what this ment.."She shrugged and put on the grass then shut her eyes to listen to the nature.
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PostSubject: Re: Odd Fob Watch   Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:13 am

Sitting in his machine, it transformed. The Archer's vehicle was last a giant bee, from when he was at the land of Nevermore. It transformed into an old Bentley car. "Wait, where am I going? What does a Bentley car have to do with it?" He stormed through the portal, and was flying downwards, he could see the world from where he was, but his field of vision was rapidly slimming and he now knew where he was going to land, he could see a young blonde woman, and he was going to land right on top of her. "How do I drive this bloody thing?" He cried, trying to avoid the woman, he tried pulling the steering wheel to the right, but it just snapped off. "What's the good of a Bentley if I can't steer?" He crawled out of the car, armed only with his sword and a length of rope, and tied the end of the rope to one of the massive headlights, he then crawled to the boot of the car, which was the top, because the car was falling headfirst, and he pulled the rope to the left, his might pulled the car far to the left, well out the way of the girl. When he knew his path was safe, he cut the rope and knotted it into a lasso, he whipped it around a high branch of the tree nearby and jumped off of the Bentley, it smashed into the ground and exploded into pieces. The Archer was just hanging by his arms from the branch of the tree, he then casually cut the remaining length of rope with his sword and jumped down beside the girl.

"Hi, sorry for the bother, I'm... Inspector Klaus of Flying Bentley Cars. You.. Er... Didn't see anything?"
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Odd Fob Watch
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