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 What is this?

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15th Doctor/Nathan Tanner
15th Doctor/Nathan Tanner

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PostSubject: What is this?   What is this? I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 24, 2013 5:09 pm

London,England 4:00 AM

It was a cloudy April day and an alarm clock went off in an apartment Nathan woke up and got up from his bed he yawned,"Another day another dollar..." He mumbled and got on his clothes and walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth he walked out of the bathroom and sat down in a chair in front of his computer he typed in 'Invent Co.' and printed out something and folded it up and put it in his wallet he put his wallet away and brushed his hair he sat down and tied his shoes and grabbed a cup of coffee and drank it before heading out the door he got in his car turning the keys he realized he forgot to feed Albert he turned off the car grabbing the keys and ran back into his apartment grabbed the food bowl and put Dog food in the bowl and water in the other he whistled for Albert, "Albert!Breakfast!" He watched the dog come running in and start eating he heard a ring at the doorbell and opened the door it was his girlfriend Sarah she was Ginger with brown eyes, "Sarah." He smiled and kissed her on the check, "I almost forgot you were coming over to watch Albert while I'm gone." Sarah looked at Nathan,"Yeah.Its no biggy didn't have anything to do today anyways." She smiled. Nathan let her in,"Remember to take him out for a walk oh and I left a list on the Refrigerator for you." He smiled and kissed her,"See you later." He ran out the door and got in his car and drove to work once he got there he was immanently rushed down to the Alien center,"What's going on?" He looked at his co-worker she said,"You need to see this..." He walked thorough the door with gloves on and a white lab coat and safety goggles he looked at the alien on the table it was blue with a little bit of Purple and had a humanish face but it didn't look human at all it was wearing a space suit,"What the hell is this?" He said looking at the people in the lab one of them said,"We don't know we were hoping you would know since you seen so many alien things..."
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What is this?
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