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 Pucker Up, Loser

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Ryder Ellison

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PostSubject: Re: Pucker Up, Loser   Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:31 pm

Ryder shifted his weight from foot to foot for a brief moment, stuffing his hands into his pockets. "Ah... Sure. I'll try and stop by if I'm not grounded for the rest of my life." He forced a soft smile, walking backwards a few steps to keep eye contact with her. "I'll see you soon then, I guess." He turned around, taking a few steps down the hall to the entrance, pulling a hand from his pocket to run his fingers through his hair. He wasn't sure if he would go to that cafe place, but that's not because he wouldn't want to. It was more out of the fact his step dad looked like he wanted to kill him. And his mother was set on trying to take him on a small visit to another universe.
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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
Time Lord
Time Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Pucker Up, Loser   Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:55 pm

"I hope so." Mal replied with a small smile as she watched him, slowly moving towards her door without breaking eye contact. Man, she had never felt this way before. The newness of it all was odd. She didn't feel like blubbering like a fool, that was a miracle in itself. Anyway... she raised a hand and waved before sticking the key into the lock and opened the door. Instantly you hear Ash's voice, "You dirty little-" but the rest was cut off as Mal closed the door, the clear words turning into muffled noise. She sighed, having to deal with the annoyed room mate but really, that kiss was none of her business. And one thing was for sure... Mal would never gamble again.

Alright, minor lie... she won't gamble for the rest of the week!

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Pucker Up, Loser
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