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 ANNOUNCEMENT- Original Time Lords

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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
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Time Lord

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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT- Original Time Lords   Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:17 pm

Time Lord characters will not be accepted at this time.  We have plenty as is and do not want the site over flooded with an alien race that should be trapped in the Time Lock.  Yes, I know, I'm sorry to all who wanted a Time Lord on a Doctor Who role-playing site but we still need to keep it semi believable.  I strongly suggest you make a human character with a twist or make a different alien character instead.  You can still have truck loads of fun without being a two-hearted humanoid time traveller. We also have versions of the Doctor still open for claim. Just take a look at the members list or ask an admin/moderator to see who's available for claim.

Thanks for your cooperation.

-Mal of the Administrative Staff-

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ANNOUNCEMENT- Original Time Lords
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