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 Technical Siblings

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Xeltia Sigma
Xeltia Sigma

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PostSubject: Technical Siblings   Technical Siblings I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 29, 2013 2:09 pm

(For Theta and I)

Xeltia sat in the captains chair of an alien space ship, the control room vaguely representing the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek.
"Computer, do you have any music?" She asked flatly, leaning her head onto her right fist.
"Affirmative, Captain Xeltia." The computerized woman voice answered, causing Xeltia to frown.
"I haven't told you my name, I just reprogrammed your mainframe." She said, lifting her head.
"I have files on every single living thing in the universe, Captain Xeltia. You are an 899 year old Timelady from the planet Gallifrey. Your only family are your brothers-"
"Brothers?! It's bad enough I have that Behave! as a brother! I do not another brother."
She yelled, slamming her fist down on the arm of the of the chair.
"...What type of music do you want, Captain Xeltia?" The voice asked, changing the subject.
"How about some K-Pop? By Psy?" She replied, smiling.
"There are two choices, Captain Xeltia, Gangnam Style and Gentleman."
"Play both, Gentleman first."

In the streets of 1885 America, the shopkeepers calling out what type of product they have to sell and rich couples ignoring the peasants who ask for money and food, some laughing at their despair.
All was normal, until an enormous, black space ship break through the clouds, shooting the high class citizens.
Everyone screamed, running from the ship or staring at it, some accusing it of witchcraft and some worshiping it, not wanting to be caught in the 'gods' wrath.
Most of the higher citizens dead and all the others hiding, a small turret lowered itself from the bottom of the ship, aiming for the tallest building in the town.
A missile shot through the building, a huge crater forming with contact. the shell of the missile opened, wires shooting out and stabbing deep into the earth.
"Now, for 1995 Italy." Xeltia smirked, Gentleman in the background, playing loudly.

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Technical Siblings
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