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 I'm not crazy!

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Carder J./Kiara Thorn

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PostSubject: I'm not crazy!   Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:25 am

Kiara sat on the red leather chair lazily resting her arm on her bent knee. She zoned out the sound of the babbling Psychiatrist to her right. "how did I even get here?" she thought to herself. She regained her memories of earlier this day where she started off asking around if people could tell her which planet she was on. Many people stared at her and walked away.

 Due to the stupidity of the creatures she assumed that she must be on earth. However she didn't remember arriving here or even the way here. All she could remember was earsplitting screams and waking up throw on the cold earth ground, alone. She wandered who was screaming and why was she here. But the main thing she was thinking of was how to get back home.

 She was taken away from her thoughts by the babbling idiot tapping her shoulder repetitively. "what?!" the timelord snapped as she glared at his eyes behind the round glasses. "what is your name sweetie, do you remember?" asked the 60 year old goat (Psychiatrist). Kiara knew her name well but she didn't wish to tell him of all humans. She smirked and thought of a name for herself. "The Assassin" she smoothly spoke. The 60 year old idiot went on and on. Kiara made an effort to zone him out as she stared at the old brown grandfather clock.

 The meeting finally was over as she bolted out the front doors holding a sticky note which said the time of her next meeting. She ran her fingers through her long smooth hair and rolled her eyes folding the note up and sticking it in her left pocket. "Man how am I ever gonna get home.." she spoke softly as she walked out to the streets.

                     (Hey! I am a new bee so I don't know if I was supposed to make a topic or join another one but here I am with one I made. So who ever wants to join can I don't really know anyone so...elephant  HI XD)
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Doctor Meta Z

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PostSubject: Re: I'm not crazy!   Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:25 pm

(Please read here:

No timelord OCs are being allowed at this time. Also, you must go through character creation and be approved before posting. Take a look at the guidelines here:
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Lucius Tyler Vulneras
Time Lord
Time Lord

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PostSubject: Re: I'm not crazy!   Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:57 pm

((Hello!  I've also noticed you have not made a Character Creation post!  It is essential you make one to be approved by an administrator before you can begin your rp experience!  Click here and you will be taken to the correct forum to make a CC.  Please also use the Character Creation Template when making your character.))  

Thanks for your cooperation!

-Mal of the Administrative Staff-

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PostSubject: Re: I'm not crazy!   

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I'm not crazy!
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