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 A land called Nevermore

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A land called Nevermore Empty
PostSubject: A land called Nevermore   A land called Nevermore I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 21, 2013 9:35 am

Nevermore is full of wonderful creatures and places, the Ice Kingdom of Cascada, the magma caves of Burison, giant bee-like creatures and man-eating worms that can stretch from country to country, island to island. The skies went purple in the winter and turned brown in the autumn, green in the spring and gold in the summer, but Nevermore has it's fair share of terror and turmoil, every Ill Moon one inhabitant of the land dies of a disease called "Oxipoliscies" meaning "Heartbroken." It literally tears the heart in two, it is said in ancient legends that the Ill Moon is caused by Rexae, the old one. He fell in love with a woman, who is unnamed to this day, the old one is immortal, yet the woman was not, she died and it left the god's heart split into two pieces that were shattered, each piece was then spread around the world and he who holds a piece is immune to the Ill Moon, and when all the pieces are found and put together, the Ill Moon is stopped. The Pieces are guarded by Icro-Wolves, who control the light, they create mirages and can even blind a man if they so wish, every 3rd Ill Moon the Icro-Wolves strike and over 300 people are killed. The Ill Moon happens four times a year, during every season, and so with only 6000 population, the land of Nevermore would be deserted in 5 years.

Caprie is a young girl whose mother died during the Ill Moon, her father was sent off to find the pieces of the broken heart and so she lives only with her brother and her friends, they live in a small, desolate village called Runtuk, it is mostly ignored by the Icro-Wolves and not many people die on the Ill Moon, with the exception of Caprie's mother. The young girl was out picking apples in the forest of bloom when she heard a buzzing sound, she was knocked off her feet when behind her a giant bee flew through a swirling blue portal, the portal closed behind the creature and it landed in front of Caprie who was startled. She got up and went over to the giant bee. "What are you?" she asked it, she heard a voice say "I am The Archer, part Time Lord, part Sestinian from the planet Gallifrey, grown from a leaf from Sestine-7 and who might you be?"
She looked round to the side of the bee, there was a middle-aged man with brown hair just stood there, he was dressed in what looked like Roman Armour.

"I'm... Caprie..."
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A land called Nevermore
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