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 List of Canon Characters

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Time Lord

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PostSubject: List of Canon Characters   Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:27 pm

Here is a list of all the Canon Characters we allow on the site.  They have been categorized accordingly so you may find them with ease.  ((If you are looking for someone in particular press ctrl + f and type in their name in the search bar)).  If the name is crossed out it means they are taken; 'secondary' beside the name means that character is being used as a secondary.  If you wish to claim a character in secondary use please contact a Site Owner or Admin.  Note: You cannot claim a canon character as your secondary if someone else is already using them as their main or secondary.  

The Doctor:
1st Doctor
2nd Doctor
3rd Doctor
4th Doctor
5th Doctor
6th Doctor
7th Doctor
8th Doctor
War Doctor
9th Doctor
10th Doctor
11th Doctor
12th Doctor
Flesh 11th Doctor
Meta-crisis Doctor

Time Lords
The Doctor's Daughter Jenny
1st Master
2nd Master
3rd Master
4th Master
5th Master
6th Master
The Meddling Monk
The Rani
Romana I
Romana II
The Valeyard

Dalek Caan
Dalek Jast
Dalek Sec
Dalek Thay
The Great Intelligence
Vashta Narada
Dark Ood

Classic Characters:
Susan Foreman
Barbara Wright
Ian Chesterton
Vicki Pallister
Steven Taylor
Sara Kingdom
Dodo Chaplet
Ben Jackson
Jamie McCrimmon
Victoria Waterfield
Zoe Heriot
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Liz Shaw
Jo Grant
Sarah Jane Smith
Mike Yates
Sergeant Benton
Harry Sullivan
K-9 Mark I
K-9 Mark II
K-9 Mark III
K-9 Mark IV
Tegan Jovanka
Vislor Turlough
Peri Brown
Mel Bush
Grace Holloway
Kate Stewart

Reboot Characters:
Rose Tyler
Adam Mitchell
Jack Harkness
Mickey Smith
Sally Sparrow
Donna Noble
Martha Jones
Erisa Magambo
Astrid Peth
Jackson Lake
Rosita Farisi
Lady Christina de Souza
Adelaide Brooke
Alonso Frame
Wilfred Mott
Amy Pond
Rory Williams
River Song
Craig Owens
Clara Oswald
Canton Everett Delaware III
Harriet Jones
Lucy Saxon
Jackie Tyler
Pete Tyler
Jake Simmonds
Novice Hame
Madame Vastra
Jenny Flint
Ood Sigma
Danny Pink


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List of Canon Characters
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