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 Red Sky at Morning

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Tobias Vallon

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PostSubject: Red Sky at Morning   Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:15 pm

1999. The year of a Civil War across the population of the West Africa nation, Sierra Leone. In the midst of the fighting, there was a smaller war. A war pertaining to the only thing that seemed to matter. The diamonds. The diamonds had always been the priority, but now, they seemed more like a burden. A heavy weight used to acknowledge the constant reason as to why the fighting proceeds.

Repositioning the strap to his tan backpack, Tobias kicked at several rocks that had been carefully placed beside a deteriorating brick wall. There was plenty for him to do, he just didn't have the energy to do it. Someone had sent him another million dollars in the mail, and it had taken some time to get the curious army to detach their attention from the large envelopes. The money wasn't of any use either. It was just a pathetic string to his past that he no longer felt obligated to hold. Now he was just a man with the ability to kill another with no concerns towards the consequences. A thief that held all the money in the world. A man with the face of the richest man in the United States. Or once was. That man supposedly killed himself.

Tobias kicked at another rock, sending it flying across the rough surface and tall grass to connect with the back of a man's shoe. The man didn't turn around, and maybe at this point, it was good that he didn't just yet. Seeing the man's face now, directly outside of an enemy's camp, could be more dangerous than the bullets that were bound to penetrate their bodies. Because it wasn't a man at all. He was sporting a gas mask, though that seemed hardly necessary when you're facing off gun to gun and blade to blade.

The man continued forward, blind to his surroundings as he shuffled his feet. Dust kicked up and clouded around shards of grass, making the ground around the man nearly invisible. As if he were floating freely, though both feet were planted in the field. Once he reached the gate surrounding half the city, the man stopped, tipping his head back only inches as a hollow cry escaped through his lips and out the mask.
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PostSubject: Re: Red Sky at Morning   Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:21 pm

(I'm helping Kathryn join you!)

The Doctor paced outside the TARDIS doors, waiting impatiently at the port in 1912, New York. He was waiting on someone who should be accompanied by his younger self. But he'd go away quickly, leave Kathryn so he could take her away on another journey... Though he strongly remembered her later on. Later on in his life, where she nearly turns herself upside down. The sorrow one could capture from such a horrible event as the Titanic could keep you low for a lifetime.

That's why he was going to interfere... Just one last time. Help a friend, if that's all he could do. Slowly, a ship came into view. It was full to the brim with people. People crying, holding each other, standing far apart from the rest of the group... The rich, the poor, the in-betweeners... And the red haired girl with a fiery spirit standing further back from the rest. Kathryn Brown.

Slipping around several people, the Doctor rushed closer to the ship as it crew members began working on tying it down. And in seconds, the passengers were walking towards solid ground. "Kathryn! Kath! Kat! Hello! Come on, take my hand. Let's go." He gripped Kathryn's hand before she had a chance to pull away and dragged her down the ramp of the ship. He didn't want her to think, he wouldn't allow her to second guess everything so sudden and make it difficult for him to help.

And he pulled her away, back towards the blue box sitting a distance away. He knew where he had to go, there had been strange flares in time revolving right around the Civil War in Africa. 1999. So many people would die, thousands of thousands...

Throwing the doors open, the Doctor dragged her in and shut the doors behind her. "Kathryn! Care to meet a friend of mine? Well, not really a friend. But a man. In history. Haven't met him yet. Heard he's not nice. Mean, rude, a bit cranky and high strung. But! Important. Very important. So are you, by the way. I'm rambling. You're not talking. That's the problem." He rushed towards the dials before she could actually get a word in. And seconds after, the TARDIS was in flight.
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Kathryn Brown

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PostSubject: Re: Red Sky at Morning   Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:34 pm

I couldn't comprehend the man's point. He was being downright absurd, dragging my able body here and there. I brushed down my dress, then ran my fingers through my damp hair. "You're the Doctor, aren't you? Like the man I met before, though your face seems to have taken on drastic changes." I approached him with gentle steps, my movements very precise in how I wanted my demeanor to be interpreted. I glanced around the blue box's insides before turning to head towards the doors. "What man is leaving you without the proper tools to manage a well structured sentence?" I asked over my shoulder as I jerked one of the doors open.

The sight before me was unexpected, yet not necessarily un-welcomed. There was a man, a fence, and another man. One wore a mask. And there was a distasteful sound piercing the air. I gasped, throwing my body sideways as I covered my ears.

I didn't want to hear the sound. It sounded like a final cry of a dying man. But this man was still standing, with another rather close. The other looked like he needed a proper scrub at his cheeks, and possibly his arms, but he was nice to look at.

Turning my neck, I focused my gaze on the Doctor with a slight nod of the head. "Important, you said. Both of us. That man?" I pointed at the normal looking one, my voice raised over the cries. "I'm trying to take this in rather quickly, and if you aren't telling me everything, I don't see how I can be of any importance." I stepped out of the TARDIS, prepared to make a mad dash for it if anything were to change the positions of the situation. But really, my thoughts were trained on the screaming man.
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PostSubject: Re: Red Sky at Morning   

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Red Sky at Morning
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