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 Demented Dimensions (Ace/The Master)

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Demented Dimensions (Ace/The Master) Empty
PostSubject: Demented Dimensions (Ace/The Master)   Demented Dimensions (Ace/The Master) I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 8:31 am

Ace was in her home town once again it her dismay but it was because she want to go home it was because the Doctor need to fix something on the Tardis and that left Ace to go see what happened to the old place.

Seeing time had changed things for when she last saw it much less want to just stay in the Tardis and help the Doctor but she need the time to get thing in perspective and that she need to get her mind that thing have changed and that she was with a different looking Doctor.

"Welcome home Dorothy" she with a little disdain as she walked the field of Perivale and looked at the town seeing it thrive without her and wonder what year it was but at the same time didn't want to be here as she want to be on another adventure with the Doctor.

Feeling a little saddened that most if not all of her friends would have moved on and one better things,wondering what sort of thing they would be up to. Thought turned to her Nan and looked to the sky thinking about a little, as she tossed some rocks into the stream that was nearby.

Something caught her eyes and went to look,after a brief walk Ace see what it was a fist sized gem that was in a small crater but had been her for a day or two by wonder why no one would found till now. Ace was dumbstruck with wonder as she wanted to go to the Tardis and show the Professor what she had found,thinking that as she picked the gem up and looked at it.

"Wicked" saying that to her self and the gem as she didn't realise that the world around her had changed.
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Demented Dimensions (Ace/The Master)
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