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 Having a blast

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Ace McShane
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Having a blast  Empty
PostSubject: Having a blast    Having a blast  I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 11:05 am

Ace was back on earth in the year 2003 with Doctor but was left to her own devices as the Doctor need to make some repairs to the TARDIS and that left Ace with some time to have a little fun,Ace had some thought of what she want to see and do but it was in a time that she didn't want to bump into any one she knows.

As it was years since she was on earth and didn't want to freak people out that she didn't look a day of 19 at the least and her past catching up with her. Thinking that as she was walking through the park feeling relaxed that it was a day that was less of running around and evading death.

But that didn't mean that Ace was bored of seeing what was out there and thought to have a little trip into town in the hope that thing where better then when she left it.

When Ace got into the town she thought there would be people there all going about their daily lives, but something was off as there where was no one around it was like a ghost town.

Ace got worried as she looked for signs of life "hello is anyone there?!" shooting at the top of her lungs and listened for anyone to call back.
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Having a blast
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