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 Alien Creation Template

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PostSubject: Alien Creation Template   Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:57 pm


Appearance: (Pictures aren't required, but they are appreciated. If you don't have one, please just describe your alien in as much detail as possible.)

Attitude: (How do they act? What kind of society do they run, how do they react to other people?)

Technology: (What kind of technology do they have? Are they advanced, behind Earth, or at the same stages as Earth? What kinds of things have they invented so far?)

Backstory: (What happened to them in the past? If they are evil/bad, what made them that way? If they are good/helpful, why are they like that? Details please.)

Present: (How do they act now? What is their main goal for their kind at this moment in time? What do they do for most of the time?)

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Alien Creation Template
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