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 Theres something missing....

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15th Doctor/Nathan Tanner
15th Doctor/Nathan Tanner

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Theres something missing.... Empty
PostSubject: Theres something missing....   Theres something missing.... I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 8:16 pm

((I got bored and made this so *shrugs*))

Nathan looked at the clock bored because he was off work today, ”Ugh…” He looked around his apartment Albert was Sleeping in his dog bed he sighed and got up from his chair he had been sitting on and got on his coat looking at the empty Apartment he left into the cold Fall Afternoon, He looked at his car and started walking off he didn’t fell like driving sense there was no one to go at least of where he could think of he kept on walking hoping something might happen on this very boring day of his.

The Doctor walked out of the hallway of the TARDIS with a book she was reading in her library witch was pretty big considering she had mainly all the books in the universe she closed the book looking at the TARDIS console she started course to Earth looking around the TARDIS she smiled as it made its usually noise she sat down on the chair near the console and sighed looking at the book she was reading, “Myths and legends…” She mumbled to herself, “Myths and legends.. That’s all it is…” She looked back at the Console as it landed she got up and ran outside the TARDIS looking around it seemed that that TARDIS had landed in an Alley Present day Fall London exactly where she wanted to be she walked out of the TARDIS closing the door after her she walked out of the Alley and looked around the streets, “Odd.. There are normally people walking on the streets dozens of them…Where are they?” She looked around at the streets and looked back and the TARDIS, “Are you sure this is Present Day London…” She said frowning looking up and down the roads once more she ran back inside the TARDIS forgetting to close the door when she entered she looked around the TARDIS and looked at the screen as Circular dead Gallifrey language popped up she stared at it for a moment and looked outside then back out the screen and said, “What…”
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Theres something missing....
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