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 The Big Blue Box

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PostSubject: Re: The Big Blue Box   Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:35 pm

The Doctor followed the assembled group, with Kate Stewart leading the way, Osgood walking firmly beside The Doctor and armed guards doing the same next to Kate. The group walked up to the tower, a handful of guards checking Kate's identity before allowing her to pass and signalling for them to open up the gate. The gate was opened up by two armed guards, their eyes keenly set on The Doctor and his friends as they walked by. After moving through several hallways and taking an elevator up two floors, the group finally arrived in the command base floor where countless touch screen panels were lined up in rows with small aisles setting them apart. In front of them stood two huge plasma screen televisions, the Earth and all of its satellite infrastructures shown on one and on the other, the view of the Earth from space with a few continents shown in black. Upon walking in, the guards dispersed to the sides of the double doors as a colonel approached Kate and The Doctor.

"Doctor. I believe you've met before, this is Colonal Mace. He is overseeing this opperation and will answer any of your questions. Osgood is our scientific officer she will be helping you with whatever you need as well." Kate said, introducing the Colonal to The Doctor with a smile, "Sir!" Colonal Mace exclaimed, saluting, "Oh! No salutes" The Doctor protested. Smiling, The Doctor and Colonal Mace joined hands in a hand shake before The Doctor turned back to Harleen and Lily, "Oh and! This is Lily and Harleen". Colonal Mace nodded to them both and saluted before turning his attention to a panel behind him where he gestured for The Doctor to come over. "Over the past week and a half, entire continents have gone black on satellite scans. Communications with them are slim to none" Colonel Mace explained, "France was taken just yesterday. The last words we heard from them was that there were shadows. Shadows that moved..ate whoever came into contact with them in the blink of an eye".


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PostSubject: Re: The Big Blue Box   Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:03 pm

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The Big Blue Box
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