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 A Tale Of Another Dimension

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Lily Davis
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PostSubject: A Tale Of Another Dimension   A Tale Of Another Dimension I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 28, 2013 2:21 am

((This is slightly like the Tenth Doctor's Doctor Who became Real.))
Lily kicked her feet up in the chair in which she sat, shimmying a bit to get comfortable. It was Christmas, well technically it was almost the day after Christmas, at 11:47 in the evening, and she was delving back into one of the books she had gotten, called Who-ology. It had all of the facts from her favorite TV show, from the very very First Doctor, all the way to Eleven, her personal favorite. The only things it didn't have were a few final details about Eleven, which she had filled in with a black gel pen. The only things that weren't in print we're things like Elevens last words, and where his Regeneration was. Things like that. She had a few other books about the TV show, one called Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia, and another on the different types of aliens in the show, and she had even bought a notebook that looked like River Songs journal, for all her fanfiction writing needs.

She opened the book to a random page, and smiled fondly at it. It was titled: Foods the Doctor loves, and hates. She loved this book, although she loved the show even more. Her dream was to be an actor, so she could be on Doctor Who, preferably as the Doctor.

She turned around, a small frown coming to her face as a familiar noise was faintly heard. It sounded like.. the TARDIS? But, if anything the TARDIS was in a different dimension, so it was impossible, unless this was a future Doctor who had found Gallifrey. She stood up, itching to investigate, but unwilling to awaken her father, who had made it home for Christmas. She ran to grab a sweater and a jacket, and even a pair of shoes to put on, before quietly climbing out of the living room window, as it was the one that was completely silent, and easiest to open.

Only minutes from when she heard the sound, she was running down the street, and turning the corner. looking out for anything suspicious, but the main thing she so hoped to see was a blue police box. It could just be a prank by one of her neighbors, all of whom knew of her obsession for the show, but she had to hope that this could possibly be the Doctor. She didn't notice as she ran that she still had her two Doctor Who books tucked neatly under her arm, no, she was too busy on her lookout for a brand new, ancient, blue box. The stuff of legends, and a man. Not just any man. A Time Lord. Although something bad was surely about to happen if the TARDIS had seen it fit to bring him to this universe, she didn't think she'd mind really. To have a chance to possibly leave this universe, even if it was just to be dropped off in the Doctors own, she'd take it in a heartbeat. The Doctors universe was far more exciting than her own, and if she was honest not many people would miss her in this one anyways. She turned a corner about three blocks from her house, only to spot a bright blue police box about halfway down the block, and stopped, breathing ragged as she stared at the box in wonder.
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A Tale Of Another Dimension
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