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 The Invaders

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Aera Atkins
Aera Atkins

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PostSubject: The Invaders   The Invaders I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 07, 2014 2:18 pm

It was not her time. This was a different Earth. That was all Aera knew about this old Earth - it was 2014; not 2103 (her time). Aera had been living with the Atkins for a few years until their natural death of old age. She had bought her new apartment and she sighed as she looked to her futuristic outfit, that laid out on her bed, and her time travel watch that was on the bedside table.

Aera sighed and she looked down, "I wish I could go back home..." She murmured to herself before getting changed into her futuristic outfit and then she put on her time travel watch and attached it to her wrist.

She thought of something she could try out - Aera decided to go to 2110 to check if her Earth was now free of the 'invaders' - seeing as it would've been seven years since they attacked.

Aera smiled a little to herself and she dialed up the time on her time travel watch and she watched as the blue of her watch lit up and she felt a slight tingle - like she always did - as she was taken to the future.

When she arrived, Aera looked around to see Earth was in dust and rubble, her eyes were wide in shock as she gazed around. She spotted the occasional house (made out of weak materials) and she saw some families that wore red robes, they were clearly her people and they were slowly going extinct, day by day.

"I must find out what has happened so I can stop these invaders!" She thought to herself and clenched her fist angrily. Her watch's blue lights had dimmed down to "cool down" and she sighed as she noticed this, knowing it would take at least an hour to get back to 2014.
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The Invaders
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