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 Canon Characters

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PostSubject: Canon Characters   Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:26 pm


If you chose to have a canon character to RP as, YOU MUST BE ACTIVE. Here on the site, Doctor's are in high demand, especially the RP's with them. So if you are a Doctor or are new to RP'ing as a Doctor then be prepared to stay active to keep that Doctor! IF YOU FAIL TO COME ON IN THE SPAN OF ROUGHLY THREE WEEKS THEN YOUR CHARACTER WILL BE PUT UP FOR GRABS

For example, our 8th and 1st Doctors are put up for grabs, 8 having been already re-taken. So as you can see, the demand for them is there but seeing as there are only 12 current ones, the supply is low. FOR CANONS THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE OF EACH!! NO DUPLICATES. THAT GOES FOR DOCTORS, COMPANIONS, VILLAINS ETC ETC. For example, there cannot be two Jack Harknesses or two 10th Doctors!

If you are new to the site and would like to be a canon character that is currently taken you may contact myself or the other Admins and we can work things out. Like replacing that character since the previous member no longer comes on. But that is it! YOU WILL NOT BE APPROVED AS A PREVIOUSLY TAKEN CANON IF THAT CANON IS TAKEN AND IS ACTIVE

I completely understand the wish to be a Doctor or companion but as you can see, we still have plenty of canon's left to be taken. Including Doctors. The canons are first come first serve sort of speak.

For list of available canons, look HERE

~10th Doctor
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Canon Characters
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