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 The Final Act

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PostSubject: The Final Act   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:26 pm

Time is the one constant, but even it is not eternal. It started and it will end, just as everything else will and dose. This is the tale of how time undid one man, this is how the Warden Regenerated for the First time.

In the dark void of space floated a man. The nearby star collapsing into a Quasar as the parallax formed in the background. The radiation absorbed by the man’s Quantum armor, the radiation was transmuted into energy for his bracer. When it charged fully the man awoke. “Dam” pulling back he flew away from the event horizon. Looking at his wrist he checked his power levels. “That’s the last time I sling shot a black hole, nearly ran out of juice.” He examined his life signs “Wow I was in hibernation for over 6 months?” straightening up his flight pattern he opened the time vortex and entered the tunnel. He set his destination for earth year 2014 but as he did the vortex began to unravel throwing him out. He crash Landed on the surface of a red planet he checked his bracer. “Why can get a temporal reading?” this bracer simply flashed “This is impossible it can’t break, it’s a flipping TARDIS”

He deactivated his armor and the energy that made tit up collapsed into his bracer and he began walking to the nearby settlement. As he approached the town he found it deserted, perfectly maintained but no one around, a ghost town. As he traveled the streets he found the town based around a cave, the central road lead to it and all other streets lead to this road. He walked into the mouth of the cave and as soon as he passed the threshold the light from outside vanished. He reenergized the armor on his right arm and used it as a light. He walked for miles down the tunnel, till he came to its end. But it was not a natural end. It was caved in with evidence of blast residue like someone shut it on purpose. He drew his dagger and removed a section and walked through. On the other side he saw it, the reason it was blasted. A temple, stairs leading to an alter in front of a floating sphere, in front of a void ship. And it’s cracking.

He approached the ship arm extended gathering readings on as he approached. The cracks in its skin emitted light rainbow light that oscillated from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple and back. It was also giving of massive amounts of cosmic energy and Quantum field radiation. As he approached his bracer light up and fired a Pulse at the Ship causing a temporal crack. Knowing that anything can be drawn through the crack he rushed toward it and extended an energy barrier 2 meters around him just as someone fell through. “Don’t leave the red circle or you’ll be cooked faster than… YOU!” he turned to see who got pulled through the rift “Why is it you?”
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5th Doctor

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PostSubject: Re: The Final Act   Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:11 pm

The Doctor sat quietly on the beach of Normandy. He relaxed back in a chair that sat comfortably underneath a red pinstriped umbrella. His black hair was gently tasseled in the wind, obscuring the view from his solid black sunglasses that he picked up in thirty years. Or maybe it was thirty years ago. He could never remember.

He watched as the waves of cool, foamy water splash against the beach and it's inhabitants. Polly and Ben were out there somewhere, but he had long lost track of where they had run off to. They're only kids he kept reminding himself. They've got better things to do than hang around an old fuddy duddy like me.

After a while, the Doctor got up and gave a long stretch. He had sat too long and began to dose off, so it was time to explore the beach. He had been here before, but it had been a fairly long time. He walked off into the direction of some fairly interesting looking rocks. They stretched up several meters high, and were sharpened from years of water erosion smashing up against them.

He circled the rocks, examining the nearly microscopic lifeforms that scuttled across the rocks. He laughed at the little snails struggling to climb the rocks, impressed by their effort to make it to the top. Doctor! Doctor! He looked up from where his name was being called. Ben and Polly were both in their swimming gear, waving at the Doctor as they emerged from the TARDIS. He smiled and shook his head, waving back.

He looked down to the rocks again. A large crack had appeared on the rock before him. The crack was pulsating with an energy alien to Earth. The Doctor stared at it in fascination and worry. He was stunned. As he leaned in closer to take a more careful examination, the void opened up wider, creating a vacuum, pulling the Doctor through to the other side. He closed his eyes tight....

The Doctor landed on a rather hard surface, but it seemed to be wiggling and alive. He still had his eyes closed when he heard vague echoes of someone talking. " is it you...." He managed to open his eyes, briefly blinded, starting to distinguish shapes out from the dark. A bright light seemed to be hovering above him. As his vision began to clear, the light was attached to an arm, which was attached to a body.

"Is that you, Ben? Polly?"
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The Final Act
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